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Thursday, September 08, 2016

The latest Hillary scandal. (And yes, everything in this post is provably TRUE!)

I've uncovered another Hillary Clinton scandal -- one which will undoubtedly end her presidential campaign, if the lamestream media gives this important matter the proper attention.

While doing some follow-up research into this investigation, I discovered Hillary Clinton's real secret -- the one that she has successfully hidden from the world for decades.


I know what you're thinking: We all like to take a sip now and then. But the habit runs extremely deep with Hillary Clinton -- in fact, you might say that she has developed a physical need.

Hillary Clinton does not just drink socially. She drinks every single day.

How bad is her compulsion? Let's put it this way: She drinks with every meal. That's right -- even breakfast. One of the very first things she does every single day is drink. She says that she needs it, that she can't function for an entire day without having a drink.

She drinks in private. She drinks in public. She drinks on the job. I am told that, when she was Secretary of State, she often had something to drink just before meetings with world leaders.

Not only that. Chelsea drinks too -- in fact, she started drinking as a child.

I know that this claim sounds shocking, but my sources are impeccable: When Chelsea Clinton was just a baby -- a sweet, innocent newborn -- Hillary Clinton personally introduced her daughter to the habit of drinking.

Can you believe it? Who does that?

That's the kind of people the Clintons are. They're all drinkers. I hope that Hillary is asked about her drinking during the debates, although I doubt that she will admit that she has a drinking problem. Remember: It's never the crime -- it's the cover-up.

Why hasn't the New York Times written about this Clintonian tendency to drink? Why hasn't Congress mounted an investigation? Has the Clinton Foundation been paying off reporters and congressmen? Were there references to drinking in those deleted "personal" emails?

If nothing else, the optics are terrible. 
Slightly off-topic:

Historian/gadfly Webster Tarpley announced on his Sunday show that he and a London tabloid are being sued by Melania Trump for basically the same stuff we see here and at other sites:

Public Figure Melania Trump’s Lawsuit Triggers Crisis of First Amendment

Houston Attorney Jeffrey C. Jackson Stresses That US Constitution and Supreme Court Precedents Mandate “Robust Public Discussion” of Those Seeking High Office; No Known Modern Precedents for Lawsuits by National Candidates’ Wives Against the Press; Attempts to Chill Debate and Intimidate Journalists Must Be Resisted; Trump Family’s Past Is Relevant to 2016 Election and National Security of the United States; Tarpley Tells Interviewers: “I Am Worried about the Fate of Our Country”
If Drudge had thought of this post, it would be all over the place by now that Crooked Hillary Is A Drunk.
Well, I didn't call her a drunk. I said that she drinks.
Clinton said on Israeli TV that Daesh are rooting for Trump. As I understand it, she's speculating. (Which doesn't mean she isn't right. Dabiq and stuff - the Islamic Armageddon.)

Meanwhile, the Zionists at SITE - the outfit that stamps some of the most disgusting Islamo-headchopper material as genuine - inform us that Al Qaeda are rooting for Clinton.

I'll just say that I expect US foreign policy in specific regions of the world soon to become a big issue in this election. And I wouldn't be at all surprised if Trump's line on the Baltic is rather different from some of what he's been interpreted as saying about the Ukraine.
In the spirit of joking around....

And to be clear, I am NOT saying she has a drink problem. What I am saying is you can find a link which proves anything.

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