Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Thanks, media, for electing Trump

I just saw a new poll on MSNBC: The vast majority of Americans think that Trump is in good health, and half think that Clinton is in poor health. The majority believe that Clinton has been lying about her health, while the vast majority believe that Dr. Bornstein looks like a perfect truth-teller who would never deceive the American public and never ever ever act as a Dr. Feelgood surreptitiously slipping uppers to a porky old guy who lives on fast food.
And I saw my first giant Trump sign. Here in Maryland. He was smart to come to Dundalk.

Hillary Clinton is starting to come off as entitled and only willing to do it her way. I recently wrote a piece on daily puma about googling Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama with the word exercise.
Obama is so far ahead of the other two it's an embarrassment. Hillary Clinton doesn't exercise and it's really coming off as being better than everyone else who DOES exercise.
Trump doesn't exercise either but he's not he one battling stuff. Hillary Clinton still has time to turn it around, but she won't win if she can't prove she can do 30 minutes on an elliptical or some other type of cardio equipment.
Jesus, ALessandro -- you too?

You're comment about "battling stuff" is the real point. It's the media that enforces a situation in which Clinton is perpetually "battling stuff." Trump is utterly dangerous, utterly dishonest, crooked, unstable, unqualified -- yet he is not "battling stuff." I don't care WHAT his doctor writes, because I don't trust him. I do trust Hillary's doctor. Yet the media has created the perception that everyone around Hillary is part of some massive conspiracy.

This is kind of what they did to Jim Garrison all those years ago, but on a much larger scale.
Alessandro.......since when does it matter at all whether a candidate exercises? I don't recall Obama having to prove that he can do 30 minutes on an elliptical. Or George W, or Clinton's husband, or any candidate before now. How about Trump shows us 30 minutes on the elliptical? I have no doubt in my mind he couldn't do 2 minutes, let alone 30. This whole thing is ridiculous, media manufactured BS that is just more of the years old war on the Clinton's. Ridiculous.
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