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Sunday, September 11, 2016


It turns out the Hillary has -- PNEUMONIA! And it seems that, after taking antibiotics and feeling better, she decided to push on through.

Now CNN is treating the story as though nuclear war just broke out.

Oh, for Chrissakes. Pneumonia is serious, but people get over it. And Hillary was hardly the first person who left bed prematurely -- in fact, I've known people who did the same thing after a diagnosis of pneumonia. Jeez, after my heart attack, I wanted to leave the hospital the next day -- and being an ornery bastard, I might well have yanked those damned tubes out of my arms and walked right out, if my ladyfriend had not cleverly taken my pants home with her. (They kept me there for five days.)

The best antibiotic in the world is garlic. Lots and lots and LOTS of fresh, chopped, uncooked garlic. Someone keep this woman in bed for a few days and make sure that she eats something on the order of a full bulb each of those days. If the doc prescribes amox, take that too.

It's no biggie. And it's certainly no reason for this nation to hand the nuclear launch codes to a dimwitted narcissistic maniac who fits the classic psychological profile of a dictator.

Added note:
So why did Trump leave the 9/11 memorial ceremony? (See previous post.) We now know that Hillary had a good excuse -- and I respect her determination to tough it out in order to show her respect for the victims. But what the hell is Trump's excuse?

Did Mr. Short Attention Span get bored? Sure seems like it...
But that's still is very careless of her. At her age even for a cold she should have stayed in bed for few days. I am sure her email questions will now take a back burner for health. If I am her and one of those vile vultures ask me, my answer will be: can I run a marathon or play a game of tennis in August probably no, can I do the job of the president absolutely. End of the story
I got sick one January and ignored and kept coughing my way through work and in early March I went to work with a collapsed lung. I could hardly walk but I went to work. I hospitalized the next day and ended up nearly dying and then having major horrifying surgery (think filleting a fish). It's 15 years later and I still have not recovered. Then I got diabetes, then cancer. Uh, pneumonia is nothing to sneeze at.
It's how it looks, though, isn't it? And it looks finished to me. Sadly her physical state looks as though she is suffering from whatever she had two months ago, when she had to be helped up steps, but worse.

Compared with that narcissistic casino-owning motherfucker, Hillary Clinton is a decent human being. She is not the messiah. She should look after herself and, I am sorry to say it, she should probably get out of the race. Imagine how she would perform against Donald Trump in the first TV debate in two weeks' time. She'd be like Nixon against Kennedy in 1960.

(So is the Jesuit boy Tim Kaine going to seize the White House?)
How it looks - 7 August and 12 September. This is bad. And I'm no ~KGB or Trumpite troll.
The first image was just a slip. Happens all the time.

We can't let the "optics" argument win the day. Apparently, Hillary did the Commander in Chief when first hit by pneumonia. Ya asks me, it proves she's one hell of a trooper.

That 'August 7' pic was from the SC primary campaigning in the third week of February.

I guess it went unpublicized much when it happened. Then it was discovered and put out in early August. Without the caption it ran with originally, that she had slipped on the stairs.

Following your Daily Kos link I came across this excellent article on the Trump deviancy phenomenon and Trump the Liar.
I love Hillary. I want her to be the president the queen of the universe if possible. And that's has nothing to do with her gender. But I don't think what she is doing regarding her health is wise. I had a similar problem years back and the doc wouldn't allow me to fly and ordered me in bed for several days. I am sure her doc didn't sanction all those times on the plane. So dear Hillary I know you can do it physically and mentally just take a rest. We will be here. Always.
Thanks for the date correction, XI. Still, it's looks that count and I fear that if Hillary Clinton is unable to take part in the first TV debate, then her campaign will be over.
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