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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Here's something to ponder

A short while ago, Newsweek published a piece demonstrating that Trump's business holdings would create a massive number of conflicts of interest, especially in the realm of foreign policy. Newsweek argued that placing the business in a blind trust won't solve the problem because Trump's foreign partners are already well-known.

In response, the Trump campaign said that The Donald would have no further role in the business if he attains the presidency. In practice, it seems, the plan is for the family would run the company. That "solution" is no solution at all.

Let's look at all of this in terms of Trump's new hotel.

As you know, Trump pissed off the press when he promised a major announcement about his history as a birther, and then used the occasion to subject all of those assembled newsfolk to a glorified ad for his new hotel. They felt that Trump had "Rickrolled" them.

My question: If Trump intends to have nothing further to do with his own business, then why did he endanger his presidential bid to publicize his latest creation?

About that hotel: A reader of this blog named Harry had an interesting observation. I've decided to move his words out of the comments section and to place them here.
That hotel is going to be insanely profitable. It's location is perfect. I heard a funny story about it. Apparently jack abramoff had that deal all lined up and was going to make a fortune. Unfortunately for jack, someone dropped the dime on him and he ended up in jail. The building got bought by Trump. Guys on Abramoffs staff told me they would bet a lot of money that Trump knows who made the call.
Is this true? I don't know. If any readers can offer further insight, I am all attention.

(The Trump name on the hotel could injure profitability. I doubt if anyone in Italy would want to stay at a hotel with Berlusconi's name on it.)

I know that Corey Lewandowski worked for Bob Ney, who was linked to the Abramoff scandal.

It is indeed true that Jack Abramoff had sought to create a hotel out of the Old Post Office building.
A Bush administration official was taking his cues from Jack Abramoff on proposed redevelopment of the Old Post Office, a historic landmark in downtown Washington, prosecutors suggested Thursday.

In the first trial emerging from the Abramoff influence-peddling scandal, the government introduced dozens of e-mails between the now-convicted Abramoff and longtime friend David Safavian, who was chief of staff to the administrator of the General Services Administration.
The GSA is the federal landlord, overseeing 8,000 buildings around the country including the Old Post Office on Pennsylvania Avenue, which Abramoff wanted as a redevelopment project for some of his Indian tribal clients.

Abramoff had a luxury hotel in mind, but a campaign was under way by others to turn the post office annex into a women's history museum.

Safavian filled in Abramoff on a meeting with supporters of the museum and Abramoff minced no words in his response.

"What idiots!" the lobbyist wrote. "This would kill any five star hotel for sure."
You will recall how Trump went on the warpath against the very Indian casinos which did business with Abramoff. Also see here.

Added note. The Old Post Office Building was supposed to be a Women's Museum, not a rich man's money-funnel. This is the year when Donald Trump humiliates all women.

Another added note. A long time ago, the Old Post Office Building was the location of a massive eavesdropping operation run by J. Edgar Hoover. That's how Hoover got all the dirt on everyone in DC. He shared it all with CIA counterintelligence chief Jim Angleton, even though Hoover detested Angleton. The FBI Director had no choice but to share, since Angleton had the dirt on him.
Is Jack Abramoff out of jail?
This hotel will bleed red ink by the tons from day one, similar to the Plaza Hotel in NYC once Trump bought it. And for the same reason: Trump vastly overpaid. Well, in this case he didn't buy it, but won the leasehold award for it from the GAO, by making a too-high bid on the lease figure.

His competitors pointed that out at the time of the bidding. Its minimum room price is over $700 a night to try to make the numbers work.


A women's historical museum would have been an amazing project. Once again the good old boys turn the screws and then mock those who think that women don't get a level playing field.
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