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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Double standards

As you no doubt know, the media is making a huge fuss over the fact that Hillary Clinton had to leave the 9/11 Memorial early due to the effects to the heat. I can personally attest that the weather here on the east coast has been miserable; I doubt that I would fare well if required to keep up an active schedule with much time spent out of doors.

An interesting double-standard leaped out at me. Slate's coverage of the story garnered this comment from a Trump supporter (or a troll) bearing the euphonious name Tiglath-Pileser V:
Let me point one thing out.

This was the 9/11 memorial. You don't leave THAT memorial unless you are really, really sick. No, she's probably not going to die in the next few weeks, but if there were any way she could have stayed she would have. You don't bail on the 9/11 memorial when your running for President.
And when writing for an audience, you don't confuse "your" for "you're." But never mind that. Let's ponder what the Mighty Tiglath might have to say in response to the following data-shard, buried in a CBS News story that focuses on Hillary:
Trump was also in attendance at the memorial ceremony and left the service before it ended.
Now let's recall the standard set for us by dear old Tiglath. "You don't leave THAT memorial unless you are really, really sick." "You don't bail on the 9/11 memorial when your running for President."

As always, the mainstream media -- supposedly controlled by the Evil Clinton Conspiracy -- is doing everything it can to elect Donald Trump.

Added note: You folks do know that Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer's while in office, and hid his condition from the world? The source is Reagan's son.
The difference is that, after leaving the event, Trump wasn't filmed being carried head-first into a van by secret service agents after passing out and nearly collapsing to the ground. Hillary was.

Face it. Hillary has some kind of serious medical condition. This has nothing to do with her politics or Trump's politics or whatever. She should just reveal what's happening to her, own up to it bravely, use her condition to draw attention to the issue, whatever it may be (just as did Betty Ford with breast cancer, Magic Johnson with AIDS, Michael J. Fox with Parkinson's, etc.). That way she silences the rumors AND gains sympathy. A win-win.

But if she claims to be perfectly healthy and bullies anyone who suggests otherwise, then obviously a. She is lying; and b. The condition is worse than anyone suspects.
Cute, anon. How much is Vladimir paying trolls these days? You still haven't told me about the restaurant across the street, the one with the weird sculpture of a hand protruding from the door.

By the way, clearly Trump is the one with a condition (probably coked-out nasal passages). We may presume this from the fact that his doctor struck so many people as an outrageous liar.

At any rate, my rules for comment are clearly posted. I won't give you a pass next time, comrade.
By now you must have read that Anon was correct. She was diagnosed with Pneumonia on FRIDAY. They have been keeping it secret - which is typical of HRC's control-freak stuff.

I am so pissed I can't see straight. She may have just lost the election to Trump, both because this happened at the peak of the campaign when she NEEDS to be 100%, and because the way she handled it is one more piece of evidence that confirms everything they've been saying about her.
Does Hillary Clinton do cardio workouts? It really does come with the territory. She leads a hard life, but its always same type of hard, it's cerebral hard first, then the physical of actually doing the stuff, but she still needs to be able to do 30 minutes or more on an elliptical, and like it.
She should just start working out and by the end of September she could be blowing people away, it only takes a few weeks to get in cardio shape via an elliptical.
Anon is referring to this video clip.

However, Hillary's doctor is claiming she has had pneumonia, that it was diagnosed on Friday. Once she's better, they really need to get her on cardio, that's probably all she needs.
Michael, having pneumonia and shucking it up to attend a 911 service, if done by a male politician, would have been viewed as brave, honorable, and patriotic, but if a female does the same thing, you condemn her. Your concern troll misogyny is showing, watch it buddy.
AM, let's be clear. I am not criticizing her for attending the 9-11 service. I am pissed that her campaign people hid the fact of her penumonia for 48 hours, and even lied about it, confirming what the Trumpists have been saying all along: She cannot be trusted or believed.

You cannot deny it: HRC is famous for her arrogance and lack of transparency, going back decades. It's a big part of why she failed to pass healthcare reform in 1993. She's tone-deaf to the criticisms and therefore makes no effort to adjust her behavior.

We're stuck with her. She is the only choice. We have to pray that she somehow wins in spite of herself. But let's face it: We're stuck with her because the establishment decided that electing USA's first woman president was more important than electing the best person for the job.
Get 'im, Machi!
Hillary Clinton's most admirable quality is her ability to intake opposing viewpoints and attempt to come up with a plan that acknowledges valid points from both sides of the equation. Michael, what you are referring to is her inner circle afraid to stand up to her right now.
Part of her health issues might have to do with just not doing either enough, or any cardio workouts, and that does concern me.
Kerry also had pneumonia on the campaign trail, Nixon was hospitalized with a staph infection while campaigning in 1960, cheney had 5 heart attacks, Reagan had Alzheimer's, Roosevelt had one said to get them off the campaign trail or out of office for health reasons. Don't forget, Reagan was shot and hospitalized while President. If that, God forbid, were to happen to Clinton, these same people and same media would be calling on her to resign. I'm sure there are other examples of MEN getting sick while campaigning and governing. Such a double standard.
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