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Saturday, September 10, 2016


I hope to God that Hillary doesn't apologize for the "basket of deplorables" remark. She should fasten onto it the way a dog fastens onto a bone. Keep working it. Don't let go.

Those words are not an insult. We have data.

59 percent of Trump voters think Obama is a Muslim, and only 13 percent believe him to be a Christian. That statistic alone allows Hillary to say that her "half" remark was overly gracious.

Even though Trump has made pro-gay statements, 31 percent of his supporters in South Carolina want gays barred from entering the United States.

87 percent of Trump supporters favor a ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Only half want to see the minimum wage raised.

Overall, Trump supporters tend to dislike people of color and other minorities. If the polls represented in the graph below are accurate, 40% of Trump supporters bear animosity toward black people, 45% dislike Hispanics, more than half dislike gays, 60 percent dislike feminists, and some 72 percent dislike all Muslims.

The phrase "about half" seems right enough, though perhaps it is a bit generous. They really are deplorable.

With you 105% on this. Just saw a headline saying HRC "regrets" her statement -- I want to see more of the same. I'm sick and tired of the whiney-assed alt-whiters getting away with their "deplorable" behavior (I just call it bullshit, but I'm not as classy as Ms. Clinton). Time to start standing up to it - if she let's the Short Finger Crew keep attacking her without standing up to them, she will not come across as strong enough to sit in the Oval Office. I'd like to see her channel all the rage she must feel from 25 years of being kicked in the ass by the right wing and ROAR, baby, ROAR!
I am glad someone with me on this. She rarely disappoint me but she did when apologized. I knew it those ninnes in her staff would make her do it. She needs to grow a pair we don't have time for this shit.
They're not all racists, just about 20%/ Groups that won’t vote for Hillary”

1. Republicans who view politics as a team sport. Put an R next to a candidate’s name and he gets their vote. They don’t know, or care to know, about issues. They only care that their team wins.
2.The elite business class for whom the only issue is more money for the rich. They believe there should be a permanent aristocracy, which includes only them.
3.The white supremacists. They are still angry that a (mixed) black man is in the White House. The cling to the notion of America for the old white guy.
4.Those who feel disaffected and unlistened to. They want change and don’t care what the change is because they feel their life is so bad that nothing could be worse. Rather than organizing and create the voice, money or votes required to get an audience, they sit, pout and complain.
5.The libertarians. These are the Ayn Rand acolytes who think that kindness, charity and altruism is for suckers. They believe it is a dog eat dog world and the best dog always wins. And, of course, each believes he is the best dog.
And then there are the pro-Israel crowd who say it is because of Israel. One can be known by his enemies, see what mondoweiss or other anti Israel sites say. They all recognize that Hillary is totally in the tank for Israel (as she should be). If elected, Hillary would be the most pro Israel president EVER. And complaints about the Iran deal are so misplaced as to be nonsensical. If not for Hillary, Iran would have the bomb today, not ten years from now but today. How she got the Russians, the Europeans and the Chinese to agree to sanctions is simply unbelievable. That she managed to hold it together long enough to get any deal, much less a reasonable deal is no less incredible.
Well the hard core "burn it to the ground" BernieBots like Sarandon will be against Clinton and they are just as depraved as any racists since they typically have the education to understand what a Trump will do but don't care just as long as they can ride the purity pony and say "I told you so."
If she stop relenting to those bullies from the media,she would have been in a better shape now. She should have stop answering questions about emails months back. Just refer them to a place to get answer. Is am sure at least it wouldn't be worse than what's going now. I hate to say it but I am totally pissed. And now this deplorable
Is Hillary Clinton trying to throw this election, or what?

I don't mind what she said, either. She's right. But I do mind that the main news she's making is in responding to her opponent.

And I mind her apology. She's not supposed to be applying for a job on the Apprentice. Trump should be in the nuthouse or jail; and in any case, the moneygrabbing bastard should be hit with a huge tax bill, in the interests of ordinary people who live in the US.

How about Clinton makes some news to show how good a president she'll be? News that demonstrates how much she cares about ordinary people. Let her casino-owning billionaire psychopathic opponent respond if he can. Set the pace, for fuck's sake.

Clinton's lead in the polls is built on the runniest of sand. What kind of fools are running her campaign?
b, she is on the offense here. She forced him to respond to the charges, and he went off, relitigating many past issues and bringing them up on defense. Even her apology pivoted quickly to the truth of what she had said, if not arguably of so many people as half. Or arguably more. But either way, she is putting it back out there again, apology start to the statement notwithstanding. On a topic on which she forced a response from him and the Rs, because they realized the force of the charge was damaging.


She didn't "apologize." She merely "took back" the 50-percent mark. She did exactly what she intended to do.

If some of you weren't hellbent on getting Trump elected--an EC impossibility--I'd let it slide. BTW, contrary to what some poster says in the comments, her support is not "built on sand."

The person probably wouldn't say it if HRC were a dude.
It's "deplorable" to believe Obama is a Muslim when was in childhood and he tries to overthrow secular Arab regimes in favor of MB or similar regimes? You gotta be kidding.
Who thinks it isn't true? Nobody. The thing is, you have to make a decision. If you don't want some loser's vote, ignore it and call the loser a loser. If you want as many votes as possible, keep the loser comments to yourself until AFTER you win! Just seems logical.

I think your advice to have her continue to call the losers what they are is not good advice for her.

I'm more worried about the Hillary campaign looking like "Weekend at Bernies" lately. Those visuals can't possibly be helpful.

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