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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Against the ignorant snot

I'm still trying to finish an assignment, so I can't do much writing today. Let's look at some amazing videos.

Of course, Keith isn't really in a position to talk. But let's not bring up 2008.

For a while now, I've been formulating a post in my mind which would expand on this theme. I don't think that Trumpism was created by racism, although racism obviously plays a huge role. I think that this movement is the inevitable result of the conspiracist mindset.

As was Nazism.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Yes, there are real conspiracies -- and they are perpetrated by conspiracy theorists. The Nazis proved the point. So did the John Birchers. So did and do any number of right-wing spooks, all over the globe. (I'm not talking only about the ones employed by American services.)

And now, the Trumpers.

Consider Roger Stone, Trump's eminence grise, whose resume lists one conspiracy after another; he's proud of all the conspiratorial dirty tricks he has perpetrated. And yet he's a welcome guest on the Alex Jones paranoia symposium. What more evidence do you need? The conspiracy theorists ARE the conspirators.

About Trump's anti-ISIS plan: I can't understand why this point has not been made heretofore. The military already has a plan of attack against ISIS. Many plans. That's what they do in the Pentagon and in the Army War College: They come up with plans. There is a plan of attack directed against every nation on earth, from lowly Andorra to Russia and China. I'm sure that there are contingency plans in case of attack from space. These guys make plans the way bakers make bread.

The problem is not the lack of a plan; the problem is political. We can conquer nearly any nation on earth, but what happens the day after? How do we prevent conquest from becoming quagmire? This is precisely the question which Dubya did not adequately consider when he decided to go into Iraq.

I came across a phrase today which perfectly sums up Donald Trump: Ignorant snot. That's it. Those two words encompass his entire being. And his vile quasi-Nazi son deserves the title of Ignorant Snotling.

Of course, it is possible to produce a bowl of Skittles entirely free of toxins. The Mars company does it every day.
Financial Terrorism exists, Trump supporters know it and Trump is allegedly against it. Bernie Sanders was the other guy against Financial Terrorism. As a result our two main candidates are slogging through while millennials dream of seeing either Stein or Johnson's popularity continue to rise.
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