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Monday, April 18, 2016

Al Franken responds to the BernieBots

From a month ago, but still very relevant -- and funny.

He's in better spirits than I am. The constant lying about Hillary and Bill Clinton has left me feeling very sour. I liked Bernie one hell of a lot more at the start of his campaign, when he took the high road. When he embarked upon a smear campaign reminiscent of 2008, he turned me into a lifelong enemy.

And yes, Sanders is fully cognizant of what's going on. He's in charge. You know that disgusting smear job we talked about in the preceding post -- the one that tries to tie Hillary to the Klan? Blame Bernie. The demons of ambition have whispered into his ear.

No other politicians in our history have been smeared the way the Clintons have been smeared. Always vote for the candidate who gets the mud facial, because that candidate is the one who truly endangers the status quo.
No other politicians in our history have been smeared the way the Clintons have been smeared.

You'll get no argument from me about this, Joseph--because it's the truth. I only wish that more people would have read Conason and Lyon's THE HUNTING OF THE PRESIDENT, because it sure as hell seems like a lot of folks on the Left have not.

Neolib fascism, agreed.

Wait'll they get these.

Still in revolution, anarchy, Bernie is still pulling punches, actually, contrary to what
the Elite apologists are saying about him.
Good call, Marc. I could not make it through the first time I tried to read it, I was so incensed by the witch hunt. I was thinking of pulling my copy out to lend to some local Smuggies I feel for (they are so young!) but I fear it would be too much of a disconnect for them to get it.
Ken Hoop:

Bot alert! Bot alert! Bot alert! Load photo torpedoes. Shields at maximum. Security team to hanger deck. Worf, zip those damn pants!
"Hillary Clinton is totally beatable in a general election. Just not by Donald Trump or Ted Cruz."
Wrong. Any Dem is beatable by any Republican. The kinds of polls and analyses being published now never take into account the paramount role played by psy-war and propaganda.

Hillary stands a better chance than do other Dems because the Clintons have withstood so many smears, and they have learned how to deal with such attacks. However, any Dem should be considered an underdog -- even when running against someone as widely detested as Trump or Cuz.

If Kasich somehow nabs the nomination, forget it. He's won the general. No need even to hold an election in November: The game is over the moment he gets the nomination. Hell, even I would vote for Kasich against Sanders. Call it a vengeance vote: The smear campaign has pissed me off THAT much.
The author's description of The Hunting of the President is here:, but don't buy it from Amazon. Buy it from Barnes & Noble

You can download for free a subset of the book that specifies the vicious attacks on Hillary here:

Every American needs to read this book.
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