Sunday, March 27, 2016

Palmyra liberated from ISIS!

Bravo! Hundreds of jihadi fighters have been killed, as Assad's forces have reconquered the historic city of Palmyra.
Approximatly 180 government soldiers and allied fighters were killed in the campaign, including the Russian "Rambo" soldier who ordered an airstrike on himself when surrounded by ISIS militants.
More on that remarkable story here.
The fearless officer was directing Russian airstrikes at Islamic State targets near the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria when he was surrounded by terrorists.

Not prepared to go down without a fight, he ordered military officials to drop bombs on his location and died in the blast.
A true hero. I am in awe.

Congratulations to the heroes who won this battle for civilization. Our deepest thanks to Bashar Assad and to Vladimir Putin.
Христос воскрес! "Christ is Risen!" is the traditional Orthodox greeting on this holiest of days........ Easter.......

Congratulations....... Sryia!!

A Russian Rambo, wow.
waiting for Hillary's congratulatory magnanimity to Putin and Assad .
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