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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I'm proud to be a Democrat

There. I said it.

Both Clinton and Sanders handled themselves quite well last night. Although I support Hillary, I'm a bit sorry that Bernie couldn't eke out a win in MO. Of course, if he had, the delusional doofs at Salon would have written a piece headlined "Hillary can't win. She MUST bow out NOW."

That said: One look at the chaos, madness and vulgarity on the right side of aisle makes me proud to be a liberal. Kasich is the best of a bad bunch, and his win in Ohio does much to restore one's faith in one's fellow citizens. But his party is diseased, and nothing can restore it to health.

I'll have much more to say about these events later today (I hope). Right now, you may want to check out the video embedded above. If that doesn't destroy Trump in the general election, then something has gone seriously wrong in this country. 
Turns out Rubio Cannonfired his supporters by asking them to vote for Kasich in Ohio. But in Florida, neither Kasich or Cruz did the same for Rubio.
And yet, when I check the overnight news there is the BBC equating Hillary Clinton to General Petraeus in terms of punishment because of email activities.
I don't find any of those Trump quotes all that offensive. Maybe the one about dropping to their knees, but not the rest. The rest are just saying whether women are or are not attractive. I suppose a lot of women must hate the Prime Minister of Canada, then. I dislike the hyper-earnest "can you believe he said this about our mothers!?" nonsense far more.
It was a good night to be a Democrat and a Hillary supporter. Will the nonsense end? No. Still a long slog until November but there's nothing like a clean sweep to restore one's faith.

Me too. Mostly because they made the media look stupid and foolish.
Joe Cannon finds Trumps quotes about women more offensive than Clinton's helping to wreak havoc on Libya Syria and Iraq. And identifies proudly as a DNC loyalist.

He also finds it scarily repulsive that Bernie extremists might unwind Donald Trump's latent paramilitary core, although he doesn't quite predict who would win, the Cannon effect being that destabilization would be horrific no matter who won.

Libya Syria and Iraq deserve it, not the good old US.
That's an Establishment Democrat imperialist for you.
The indispensable nation has its indispensable reactionaries many with the occasional pretense of being genuine radicals.
What a country.
Stephen Morgan, how nice for you that you don't mind admitting you're a pig. I do agree that the women should've said, "Can you believe how he talks about US" rather than falling back on that toxic patriarchal trope about women only being worthwhile as mothers, sisters, daughters, etc. But I suspect you were not offended for the same reason I was. Proof that women should stop trying to appeal to pigs on a personal level. Men who think any one of these Trump quotes is "not so bad" are unlikely to care about the women in their lives on any level worth addressing. Thanks for confirming that. I feel for any offspring you somehow spawned, if you think it's not for you to "care" for them. Actually, in your case, it's perhaps better you not.

Nice post, btw, Joseph. I rather hope/d you'd turn your eye on how the entire media has DROPPED the Democratic end of the primaries. It's even more all-Trump all the time.

Another tidbit, has anyone noted how the Berniebros have tried to tar Hillary with Rahm, while giving Obama a complete pass!!!!
"Stephen Morgan, how nice for you that you don't mind admitting you're a pig."

Prowlerzee, you really should apologize--to Miss Piggy, and to the Tellarites (our fellow charter members of the Federation). ^_^
I will be massiely proud to vote for Donald, as by doing so I will help to make leftoid heads explode, thus doing a great service for humanity.

I regard anyone who votes Democrat, especially for Hilary, as a traitor.
Ken Hoop has forgotten Honduras on his list.

Prowlerzee has forgotten that a vote for Clinton is a vote to persecute male rape victims and male victims of domestic violence, or probably just doesn't care about them any more than she cares about the Hondurans.
..."a vote for Clinton is a vote to persecute male rape victims and male victims of domestic violence..."

Proof, please?
Anonymous......Trump was a lifelong Democrat, until he decided to run for President. He's also a long time close friend of the Clinton's. His mob ties and corrupt business practices aren't much to sneeze at either. But I'm sure he's got your back ;-)
Some of the comments here prove my contention that "left" men are much more sexist than those on the right. They are just a whole lot less honest about it.
Well, Joe, that sure brought out the trolls, didn't it? I wonder how many are actually bots, not people, these days.
this certainly does not reflect well on Clinton.
I'm not sure that I agree with OTE Admin that leftist males (such as myself--though I find myself recoiling toward the center lately) are more likely to be sexist than rightist males.

However, I will agree with her that leftist males are more likely to hide their sexism, revealing their true (and disgusting) nature only on Da Intertoobz, or among their bros.

I only found this out in 2008, after I observed the obnoxious behavior of the dudebro faction of Obama supporters, who angered me so intensely that I could not bear to vote for Obama--so I voted Green twice.

Regarding sexism on the left, in that it shows that egalitarian attitudes are commonly misperceived as misogynisticby women who are used to their privilege and don't want it challenged.
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