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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Webb back?

Woah. I don't know whether or not to consider this good news, but it's definitely news. Jim Webb is considering getting back into the race as an independent.

Hm. I like Webb. He's ballsy enough to say things like this:  
I would be willing to bet that we had people at the top of ISIS who actually have been trained by Americans at some point.
And this:
Now, why is Russia in Syria? Number one, the invasion of Iraq, the way that we did it, the unsettling that it did in terms of the sectarian components inside Iraq and empowering Iran. Number two was the Arab Spring, in my view. I think it was a real error to have intervened in Libya the way that we did, and I think we probably got ahead of ourselves in terms of encouraging dissident elements in some of these countries to stand up and oppose the existing authoritarian governments. I made a comment at the time to please remember the first rule of wing walking: Don’t let go of what you got until you got a firm grasp on where you’re going. And if you look, for instance, in Syria, Assad, you know, he may be an authoritarian leader, but what are you going to do if he’s gone? Did anybody—has anybody figured that out?
On the other hand, does this guy have a real shot of attaining the presidency as an independent?

No. Sorry, but not even Teddy Roosevelt could pull off the trick -- and in the charisma department, Webb is no TR.

A vote for Sanders is a vote for the GOP. The same can be said of a vote for Webb. I am very sorry to come to that conclusion, but one must be realistic. And unlike some of you, foreign policy is not my sole concern.

"A vote for Sanders is a vote for the GOP" Really? I don't think that's how the primaries work my friend. You seem like a smart guy maybe you should rethink that one?
If it's not Sanders then I'm in favor of burning the whole place down. I'll vote for fucking Trump if Clinton is the nominee.
Wow! That is a couple of brilliant comments. How would a Sanders Presidency even work? He isn't really a Democrat so why would they work with him? Republicans would just amp up the Socialist noise machine and say NO to everything. I like the man but how would he get his ideas enacted? Can he fix our woefully broken cowboyesque foreign policy? Would he be able to even get 1, just 1, of his ideas through Congress? I am not as hot on Clinton as I used to be but voting for Trump over her? Insane. Trump is just a right wing demagogue with no ideas, no political experience, and no friggin' idea how hard it is to govern this nation of idiots.
Saunders won't have a chance here in North Carolina, and probably not nationally. But if there are enough primary votes for him, he may move Hillary a bit further left, so I'm voting for Sauders in the primary, and for Hillary in the general election, because, as things stand now, the worst possible Democrat is better than the best possible Republican. After all, the first Clinton presidency was not bad at all.
Anonymous Jerome
I'll be voting Green in the show but voting for bs in the prime in in Calif. It is just more theater that has nothing to do with helping Americas citizens.

The new normal in Amerika
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