Thursday, February 11, 2016

Troll alert

I've been blogging for a LONG time, folks, and I can tell when my comments are being gamed by political operatives. I can also tell when that sort of thing is happening on the large liberal blogs and on Reddit.

At the moment, it's a free-for-all here (as long as you observe the posted rules). That situation may soon change.
I think I played! Maybe....
Wasn't talking about you, jo. You are well-known and always welcome.

Members of the family should feel free to piss me off.
Joseph, I post a bit and don't wish to hog or abuse. Would less and fewer be better? Do you have an email? I can forward links and ideas by that means if that's more helpful. Cheers.
Sorry to be a curmudgeon. I don't mean you, fred. I always appreciate your contributions
Well, I can be an ignorant ass, but I hope my moniker's contributions, if that's what they were, weren't too bad. Granted, I tend to only do the internet when I've had a few.
Damn you Joseph, name names! (the damn was meant in a theatrical sense_
No polito is safe from the grimy hands and toxic words of T R O L L S!

Muahahaha. Good one telling them to piss off, Joe ^__^
Meh, no biggie
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