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Friday, February 12, 2016

The Syria ceasefire -- and an outrageous BBC lie

A couple of posts down, I wrote a longish piece about the Syria ceasefire deal. You know why I'm optimistic about this agreement? Because Fred Kaplan of the CFR (writing in Slate) doesn't like it. He laments: "Sadly, it may only lock in the gains made by Russia and Bashar al-Assad."

That's what's GOOD about it, Freddikins. I've been watching Kaplan's antics for nearly two years now. (See here for a particularly egregious example.) If Creepy Kaplan had given the deal a thumb's up, then I'd be worried.

Let's look at his main complaint:
In other words, Russia (and Iran and Syria, among others) could properly read the document as allowing the fight to continue not only against ISIS and al-Nusra Front, but also against the Kurds, the various U.S.-supported rebels—any armed group that opposes the Syrian military or threatens Bashar al-Assad’s regime.
The trouble is, the "US supported rebels" are really jihadist maniacs -- ISIS in everything but name. Alas, a massive deception operation is leading  the public to believe these Islamic maniacs are actually "moderates."

I urge everyone to read this extremely important report, which exposes a particularly outrageous bit of propaganda broadcast by the BBC. Remember the "baby incubator" story which kicked off the first Gulf War? Remember the fibs told by Curveball? Remember the Italian Letter? Remember that fictional Yellowcake from Niger?

What the BBC did belongs in that category.

In a recent bit of agit-prop, the BBC interviewed an alleged commander of the Free Syrian Army named Yaser Abdulrahim. This guy supposedly represents the "moderates" in Aleppo who are currently being bombed by those ghastly Russkies.

Unfortunately, the BBC's narrative was pure fake.
Despite appearing in a brand new, crisp "Free Syrian Army" uniform never worn once into the field, and sitting beside an equally pristine "Free Syrian Army" French colonial flag, Yaser Abdulrahim has absolutely no affiliations with the otherwise nonexistent "Free Syrian Army."
Instead, he is a commander of Faylaq Al-Sham, composed of Al Qaeda terrorists and Muslim Brotherhood extremists. Faylaq Al-Sham and its commander Yaser Abdulrahim, according to Sommerville himself, are part of the larger Fatah Halab umbrella group which also includes Al Qaeda affiliates Ahrar ash-Sham and Jaysh al-Islam - the latter of which literally placed civilians in metal cages on rooftops to use as human shields against Syrian-Russian airstrikes.

Human Right Watch, in their report titled, "Syria: Armed Groups Use Caged Hostages to Deter Attacks," would reveal that:
In the course of fighting between armed groups and government forces in the nearby `Adra al-`Omalia in December 2013, Jabhat al-Nusra and Jaysh al-Islam abducted hundreds of civilians, mostly Alawites, according to the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Syria. The hostages, many of them women and children, are being held in unidentified locations in Eastern Ghouta. The concern is that they are among those in these cages.
The Human Right Watch report is also very alarming, considering it implicates Jaysh al-Islam, a member of Yaser Abdulrahim's Fatah Halab, as collaborating and fighting alongside US State Department listed terrorist group, Jabhat al-Nusra.
The BBC is playing dress-up!
What is worse still, is that the BBC claims their Fatah Halab-Al Qaeda umbrella group commander dressed as a member of the "Free Syrian Army," is "US-backed."

This is either an attempt by the BBC to further deceive their audiences as to who the man they interviewed really was, or an inadvertent admission that the United States is in fact funding the very terrorist groups and their associates, populating their own US State Department list of foreign terrorist organizations.
Folks, don't let yourself be hornswoggled by BBC bullshit or Kaplan-esque claptrap. Get the word out: The neocons are lying again.

Added note: For more on the recent bullshit being broadcast by the British Bullshit Corporation, see here.
This is a crucially important point: who are the "moderate rebels"?

They are rarely named or identified, and the propaganda memes suggest they are simply doctors, teachers, and fire fighters who yearn for democracy. When they are identified, they are invariably Islamist religious fanatics who have political and social views similar to the Taliban.
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