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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Rubio's BSOD moment

Right after I predicted (or rather reiterated my prediction) that Marco Rubio would be the Republican nominee, he blows it like...

like... the way I just blew it, trying to think of a non-obscene-yet-amusing way to end that sentence.

Marco Rubio is now the official candidate of Uncanny Valley. The funniest response I've seen so far appeared here: "I think Christie caused some sort of divide by zero error in the Rubot's operating system. Rubio is acting like one of those Star Trek robots that go all explodey when presented with a simple contradiction in logic."

So, is this it? Is Marco Roboto doomed to become abandonware, or can his campaign be rebooted?

This situation reminds me of that icky-squicky scene when Gerry Ford prematurely announced to the nation that Poland had been liberated from Communist tyranny (thereby effectively ending his campaign). Yes, I'm old enough to have seen that debate broadcast live. 1976: "The Poles are free." 2016: "Obama knows exactly what he's doing."

You think Marco Rubio is robotic? Just try watching Carter and Ford. Jimmy is much more charismatic now than he was then. So is Gerry.
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I keep telling my wife that Rubio and Cruz are the two single worst "Presidential" candidates I've ever seen or heard of. I am no Republican and won't be voting for any of them but for one of the two parties to be this close to nominating someone who is this incompetent is beyond baffling and downright shameful. Unfortunately, Trump isn't much better. At least with Christie he understands politics and understands how our government really works. The Republican base needs to get a grip on reality and start figuring out what a government is really for and how it operates so they can start putting into power people who can actually make this country better rather than keep empowering pirates who want nothing more than to loot our treasury and our resources.
It astounds me anybody ever thought Rubio had a chance. He is like a Dan Quayle and Sarah Palin, a total lightweight.

The ticket will be with either Bush, Kasich, or both, just as it was intended, since the Republicans need Ohio and Florida to have a shot. If that is the case, Trump WILL run third party to pave the way for Hillary Clinton. That was the deal all along. Trump is the greatest ratf***er of all time.
@ GregoryP. I'm from New Jersey so I must take issue with your comment that "At least with Christie he understands politics and understands how our government really works."

He may "understand politics" but only in the worst possible way. The Bridgegate scandal is just the tip of the iceberg so far is his rank corruption goes. Like the Bush administration, he has hideously politicized just about every aspect of government in New Jersey, at least to the best of his ability. He is also effectively thrown the voters of New Jersey under the bus in pursuit of the presidency. It is my firm hope that, once his campaign implodes, he will be indicted.

Any real scrutiny of Rubio's record also reveals him to be corrupt. He's lied about his parents being anti-Castro Cuban refugees, his credit card charges on Republican Party credit cards shows that he doesn't know the difference between public and private expenditures, and he is a fixer in the worst sense, lobbying to have his cocaine selling brother-in-law secure a Florida real estate license.

But, I think his worst flaw is his mindnumbing stupidity as reflected in his hopeless performance during this debate. After 8 years of having another mind-numbingly stupid Republican in office (W, of course) the country can ill afford to have an idiot like Rubio anywhere near the oval office.
"So is Gerry." Priceless.
I have to second Redhand's comments on Chris Christie. I'm a native of NJ. I have family and friends in the state, all of whom detest Christie and his bully-boy persona. Be it demonizing teachers and other public workers [you know, the mythical bunch that are making a gazillion dollars off the taxpayer dole] to having the state's credit downgraded 9 times to his romance with big donor business types who have yet to contribute to any real economic turn around in the area to his Soprano-like delivery, the citizens of the Garden State are more than ready to show the Governor the door. And that's not to welcome nor support him in his quixotic presidential bid. He would lose the state, badly.

As for Rubio? I've yet to see what all the excitement is about. A fresh face, yes. Latino, yes. Beyond that, there's little to recommend in terms of any true accomplishments. He certainly should have been ready for the Christie attacks; they were telegraphed for a solid week. Instead, he proved the attacks true--he doesn't think on his feet, relying instead on canned points whether they're relevant or not. His personal finance problems are hardly a plus for him. As a nominee, he'd be raked over the coals.

In my mind, Kasich is the strongest general election candidate the GOP has. But he isn't pure enough, so he's unlikely to get the nod. In the same way Jon Huntsman was thrown to the curb.

Then there's The Donald. OMG.

Blue Screen of Death moment? (I couldn't figure it out so I had to look it up. I hope I'm not the only one!) Good one! Except he didn't totally freeze up, of course.

With Rubio self-destructing under pressure, perhaps Jeb! and his crew can hold back on the Rubio was/is? gay! rumor-mongering attacks, although I've seen the opening salvoes already. With Carson calling out Cruz as a liar in a genteel and quiet but obvious way, harming him with voters, the rivals who might plausibly rise to challenge Trump even slightly have now been reduced to no candidates. Kasich, Christie or Jeb!? I don't see a path for any of them, even if Cruz and/or Rubio suspend their bids.

Trump is looking more and more likely to win the nomination in my view, and I once thought it impossible. But you can't beat something with nothing.

Redhand, I didn't say that I liked Christie in any way. Just thought he might be a bit more competent than the other Republican wanna be's. I think he is vile and corrupt but even vile and corrupt people can do the right thing and get some good things done. He doesn't strike me as one of those war mongering bastards that is going to immediately try to invade Syria or Iran. I am probably wrong but I think he might be the best of a bad lot so to speak and that is embarrassing to this country. He belongs in prison for his escapades in Jersey. Definitely not in the White House.
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