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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New comment policy

This lovely piece of music has a certain relationship to my new "rules for comment" policy. It's one of those tunes you've heard before, even if you're not a fan of the classics. But you may not be aware that it has lyrics...

Oh, I will crack a smile as I censor the trolls
Yes I'll cackle
raise a hackle
as I censor the trolls.

The shit they pulled eight years ago was not very droll
So I'll fight them
Yes I'll smite them
It's time to KILL every troll!

Feel free to imagine me humming this tune as I hit the "Delete Comment" button.
You haven't changed the scroll.
The Troll algorithms certainly seem to be getting more efficient, with a new Identity-Morph feature that spans multiple forums, and a fairly decent AI system linked to the daily talking-points distribution system. All the money that used to go into aerospace must be going into social-media systems.
Free Jon Corzine!
Can't you show samples with maybe a bloody red line or two piercing the comments from top to bottom?
OK I'll test your new policy. You have argued repeatedly that a vote for Sanders is a vote for Republicans. With Hillary I am afraid that a vote for her is a vote for Republican light. The neoliberalism she represents lies to the right of Richard Nixon. Those of us on the left of the Democratic have to do something to stop this trend. I fear a vote for Hillary is vote for a crypto-Republican, Wall street controlled warhawk doppelganger.

BTW I have voted for the Democrat in every presidential election since since LBJ and before him I walked and dropped precincts for Stevens and Kennedy. If Hillary wins the primary, I will sit this one out, and I am not trolling here.

Ted-Sved, I don't know about the other things you listed, but Bernie is a war hawk, too--especially where TNAC is concerned.

(TNAC = The Neoconservatives' Actual Country; do I even need to say which country that is?)

No one who is not a war hawk will be allowed to become President under the current system, as our current Prez, the Drone Ranger, illustrates.

That system can be changed only if and when a majority, or a least a critical mass, of us peasants recognize that we are peasants--rather than future millionaires, temporarily embarrassed by that naughty minx, Dame Fortune.
Remember sitting out an election got us conservative Nixon instead of liberal
To me, it comes down to this (assuming Hillary is the Dem candidate): more of the same, or more of the same foreign policy amped up to 11 and a total far right shift in domestic policy. In that scenario, I really would feel forced to vote for Hillary. I will hate every second of it and will be disgusted with myself for 4 years (or more), but I will do what needs to be done.

That said, I'd happily vote for Sanders. The only candidate I can say that about. I think he could win. His foreign policy is not really different from Hillary's, but his domestic policy is quite different (at least compared to what she will most likely do, or rather not do).

It should be pretty obvious that NO candidate that doesn't express absolute fealty to a certain nations interests (we all know which nation I'm referring to) will ever get nominated, let alone win the election. Until THAT changes, we aren't going to get the President (or congress, for that matter) that any of us here want.
Are you OK? Then again vacations are beyond OK.
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