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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Go, Jeb, go!


Here is the state of Republican race: Donald Trump -- reliving a classic scene from Citizen Kane -- now claims that Ted Cruz stole the election in Iowa. This assertion inspired a delightfully incomprehensible post from Sarah Palin, who has transcended ordinary human thought patterns. Her brain has become a random word generator.

In other news: Santorum is out. (I had forgotten that he was in.) Rand Paul is out too, and I'm sorry to see him go: His foreign policy views were refreshingly non-insane, although his domestic policies would have been disastrous.

But Lo, Bush shall be with us always, for the power of Horus courses through his veins. I did not create the image embedded above; apparently, it's a new Facebook meme. Spread it around!

What's that? You say that Bush, too, will soon follow Santorum and Paul? O ye of little faith! Brother Jeb still has the power to turn things around. For the Bush family will always prevail if they heed these words of Grandfather Al:
“Magick is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.”

“Ordinary morality is only for ordinary people.”

[On blood sacrifice] "The blood is the life: So it says in Corinthians. And who am I to argue with Saint Paul?"

[From The Book of the Law] "We are not for the poor and sad: the lords of the earth are our kinsfolk...We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit: let them die in their misery. For they feel not. Compassion is the vice of kings: stamp down the wretched & the weak: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world."
-- 93.
I love this bush because he would like to go on in his life of being a bush. That is stealing the money in the name of family. Then at the same time please family let me go ?.
That is for sure a drunk post by Palin, lol
The grandson of the Great Beast appears to be a complete loser who is a bit too narrow between the eyes. Sad. The Beast himself ended up as a bankrupt junkie strung out on heroin in a cheap English rooming house. So much for magick. Someone needs to tell Jeb that the dynasty is ended. He needs to go away with his Mexican dwarf wife and enjoy his wealth as best he can with the time he has left. Hasta la vista, baby. President you aint.
I've noticed that those who hate Mexicans will often end up hating Jews. The opposite is also true, those hating Jews will also hate Mexicans. I would say that the phrase "Mexican dwarf wife" is disgusting and unworthy of this place. But in truth, it is exactly worthy of this place.
Truth is, I let that comment go through without reading it. I know nothing about Jeb Bush's wife. As it happens, I spent much of my life living among Mexican-Americans back in California, and I miss them. I'm still not used to living in a predominantly white community. So that's how MY prejudices run...!

And joseph, I do not hate you (although if you insult me again, you will no longer post here). Neither do I hate the many Jewish friends I've had (and have even counted among my relatives).

I hate Israel. So do an increasing number of Jews these days. There are even left-wing Jews in Israel who have come around to my position that the only solution to Israeli fascism is "outside interventionism." That's the phrase they use. I prefer the more honest term "military conquest."

Fascism has no rights. A fascist government -- no, a fascist CULTURE -- must be eliminated. That's what happened in Italy: The Italians were conquered from without, and the country was ultimately better off for it. A lot of brave Americans gave their lives at Anzio (and other places) for the express purpose of insuring that the Italians no longer governed themselves.

As you know, I happen to be of Italian stock. I don't hate Italians -- in fact, I have always loved the art, culture, music and food of Italy. I DO hate fascism.

Thanks for your contribution, small j. I was sick of writing about Bibi and his antics, but you've reminded me of my obligations.
There was an italian Resistance movement during World War II.
And another way the Italians resisted, and a very odd way it was indeed. Mussolini was inspecting his warplane strength at various military bases. As soon as Mussolini left one air base, those planes would be flown to the next base Mussolini would be going to for an inspection. Really the ultimate in war time quackery, purposely misrepresenting warplane strength to your own fascist president.
Deep down I don't believe most Italians wanted any part of World War II but were rangled into it by manipulative forces who used fear to make the war happen.
I've noticed something interesting about Ted Cruz disciples, they really go after the other candidates on that candidates home page. The Facebook link to Sarah Palin that you provided was comment bombed by Cruz devotees.

I was also watching a Hillary Clinton feed and out of nowhere came a comment from a Cruz devotee who has a Hillary in Jail twitter account.

Hillary Clinton's biggest weakness are her supporters who just won't get into scrums with the truly whacked out, yet over time those whacked out people do create a toll on her image.
I wish both Israel and its chief patron, my USA, actually were the virtuous countries which their fans believe they are. :(
Is it April uno already? Damn, I can not even figure out when Mardis Gras is. My kids were asked to wear costumes to school on Monday, then they had pancakes on Tuesday, everyone these days gets ahead of themselves. Simple solutions: 1: dress your kids (if they let you) in costumes everyday 2: give them double portions during Lent, especially pancakes with graded Canadian syrup 3: Don't choose political name/monikers based on Jibjab flash animations if you don't fully comprehend the history of a family, and mostly importantly 4: Don't post after too many drinks Mr. Cannon especially referencing drunk Alaskans. 5: Lastly, shame about or on the OTO depending how serious you are about the Easter business.
little j, does everything have to be about The Jews for you??? Before your post, not one single mention was made in the post or comments about Jews or Israel, yet you have to make it about that for some reason. Yes, Makarov's comment was offensive and probably racist, but what did it have to do with The Jews? Nothing.

Israel is a nation on the world stage. It is open to any and all criticism just like the USA or any other nation. Just because it is a nation based on racial superiority, does not give it freedom from criticism. Criticism of Israel is NOT the same as criticism of Jewish people in general. As I hear so often from defenders of Israel, there are many other races and religions in Israel, so why the double standard of then saying that criticism of Israel equals criticism of Jews generally? You, unlike Cannon, are a one issue guy, so don't be surprised when that starts to annoy our host and his other readers.
I guess if Sanders isn't going to win, the best result is a Cruz victory because Rubio is sinister-Establishment to the core and while Cruz might ultimately be Establishment, his angry personality will be more likely to get war and other opponents in the streets.
With Killary, the left will be as silent as they are with Obama on war atrocities. Wouldn't want to offend..blacks...women.....
"Compassion is the vice of kings".

The one true King is noted for His "vice", so there remains hope for Mr. Crowley.
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