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Monday, February 08, 2016

Does this woman read Cannonfire?

From here (a site previously not known to me -- thus, I cannot yet gauge its credibility).
The U.S. Secretary of state’s recent trip to Italy did not end up well for him. Having arrived from the Apennine peninsula to talk about the victories of American democracy around the world, Kerry did not know that Italians would end it with a warm farewell.

The purpose of this trip was meant to be for a meeting on the expansion of international coalition attacks on “Daesh”. It was said that there were discussion for increasing support for “moderate opposition” groups, the like Jabha al-Nusra, a Syrian branch of Al-Quadah!

But obviously, the most interesting part of his voyage happened at a joint press conference between Kerry and Gentiloni, Italian minister of foreign affairs. When Kerry started to say what he was supposed to say about combating Assad regime and international terrorism, all of a sudden, one of the journalist started shouting at him “It was you who created Daesh!” while charging at him with her fists.

The woman was immediately handcuffed and made to leave the room.
The downfall of John Kerry is the most disheartening aspect of the entire Obama presidency.

(Oh Christ. You're going to do it, aren't you? Don't bother. I'll do it for you: "Kerry was ALWAYS bad news! Something something Skull and Bones! Illuminati! Build-a-burgers!! AIEEE!!!" If you want your comments to show up here, stop operating like a shill on automatic pilot, and try to put some effort into coming up with something original to say. I'm not asking you to agree with me -- I'm begging for freshness and unpredictability.)
Speaking of Illuminati, if the message is written on both sides, wouldn't the backlight illumination show the writing bleeding through from the other side? So the follow up question is, if the sign is not written on both sides, then why is it on the wrong side and just what is John Kerry Looking at if there is no message on the other side.

Could this be a photo-shopped image? Not by you, but by someone…

Otherwise, it's awesome story and message.
So I clicked on the photo and zoomed way in on it and it actually looks like there might be a faint outline of words from the other side.

So I renounce my prior post.
It's a good idea to write your message on both sides of a sign. People have been known to flash blanks at politicians. When you have to act fast, it is easy to make mistakes.
JK and the truth do not mix at all just another lying neo-conn at heart.

Rumors of an arranged marriage and her family have an interesting back ground.

Is that some new fast-food joint that just gives you the burger and the bun and provides you a food bar where you add your own toppings? ^_^

(That might be a good idea, actually...)
I actually ended up being camera guy on an interview with a veteran several months before they started staining Kerry's rep about viet nam. It was weird at the time to hear him mention Kerry, then when they came out with their accusations, it was like, I was there well before that group went public, moment
Build-A-Burger could also expand its product line to include the Alex Jones Special:

Peanut butter, almond butter, and hazelnut butter on white bread.

White bread on the outside and all nuts on the inside!

This could also be called the Jeff Rense Special. ;)
Ivory, there is -- or was -- a chain in CA called Fuddruckers that did just that. I wonder if they are still in business?

According to Alex Jones, the Build-a-burgers care the root cause of all of our problems.
Coming just a week after the collapse of the Syrian peace talks we have the new UN and Western media war propaganda line that Assad is 'exterminating' thousands of 'detainees'. The UN report makes little distinction between jihadist and Syrian government 'detainees' but the BBC and other Western media are happy to lead the public to the view that this is all Assad's doing.

The (often disturbing) Gordon Duff at VeterensToday claims he visited Syria and inspected their rebel-detainee procedures which appear to support relatively quick release.

Australian academic Tim Anderson has written extensively on these propaganda issues (including an online book). If the Madaya lies are anything to go by then we are witnessing a new push for humanitarian intervention.

Meanwhile, this terrific article from Wall of Controversy notes a meeting of political luminaries on Feb 4th in London to raise humanitarian support for Syria -- David Cameron, Angela Merkel, the Emir of Kuwait, Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu, the French and Chinese foreign ministers, European Council president, the US Sec.State John Kerry and UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon!!

WoC also notes that the event sponsor, Kuwait, was a major agent for the Arab states and their financing of the Syrian jihadists.

Coincidence? I think not.
Fuddruckers is still in business.
*sigh* I checked their website, and apparently there is not one Fuddrucker's in the entire Arkanshire. The nearest ones are located in Branson, MO and Bossier City, LA--and no burger could be good enough to go that far for. :P
Not only is Fuddruckers still in business, but they're in Maryland (not to mention Massachusetts).

As to people who might be reading Cannonfire, Norman Goldman was singing your song about Syria on his show this evening. Also, I thought I read earlier today or perhaps yesterday that John Kerry was heard to speak some truth about the situation in Syria.
"The woman was immediately handcuffed and made to leave the room." Love it, very protoStalinesque.

Meanwhile stretch limos are on contract to bring ISIS/DAESH/DEATH or whatever their marketing types want them called at that touchpoint from the airport to gated communities prepared in advance throughout Europe for some R&R.

Seriously though, many many moons ago way back just after 9/11 our Turkish IT guy tipped me off to the Kurdish nest here in Nth London, all handed multi tens of thousands of pounds sterling cash handouts by government fronts to set up home, just waiting to swing into action when needed. God he hated the PKK.

In a previous post where you had a hit list the same like the sign I HA d a comment but for some reason it wasn't published. I will try again. Well the gist of it I agreed with you on most of the list although I had some of my own.
A_ I would hold off on Qatar for now
B_ I would add some African countries to the list. I see Africa in not under your radar much but
C_ after wiping issis Assad has to go. He is evil. That election result you keep citing is nothing to go by. Remember that all the people who likely to vote against him were either dead,outside the country or otherwise unavailable. Not to mention leaders in that region usually posting results of 99'99percent so I wouldn't count on it.
That what I remember of it. That sign reminded me of my response
"Remember that all the people who likely to vote against him were either dead,outside the country or otherwise unavailable."
This is silly. The people who fled the country were largely Christians, Alawites, Shiites, and secularists -- all likely to be Assad supporters.

I am sure that these "supporters" include many who consider him the lesser of two evils. But that is the world we live in: No matter where you are and no matter who you are, you are continually required to determine the lesser of two evils. It must ever be so.
When this crisis started I was the first person to post in this blog in favor of Assad even before you. I remember that I wished for Russia to put its foot down. The reason of course I saw him as the lesser evil. But as I see more and more that his crimes are been swept under the rug I get frustrated.people should never forget he is a bad guy
haha, love the headline. That's exactly what I was thinking when I watched it. Seriously, not like a lot of people are out there telling the truth.
I've read about the west and Saudi (and the other ME nations you mention) being the source of Daesh/ISIS/whatever in other places around the net. Blogs, news sites, etc. Not sure where I read it first, but I tend to come here first every day, so I probably did see it here first in any case. Point being, I would say you are far from the only one to report on this, but I find your research the most interesting to read and often the most thorough. Not to mention, many of the sites that report on this are far right and/or Libertarian type places (like, which I also check out from time to time and used to read religiously).

As to Fudruckers, I used to eat at one in Pittsburgh PA in the mid-90's. It is still there. A quick Google search shows many such restaurants (build your own burger) throughout the nation (most are not chains though). Apparently McDonald's even does this in some markets.
In regard to the London "humanitarian" conference I mentioned earlier, it now seems that it was not so much about laying the groundwork for a UN intervention in Syria but rather forestalling an influx of Syrian refugees from Turkey into Europe.

Zerohedge and MoA expand on the theme.

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