Friday, February 12, 2016

CIA admits that ISIS uses chem weapons

CIA Director John Brennan admits what everyone already knew. So why not drop the other shoe? Why not admit that the jihadists were the ones who launched the sarin attack that almost resulted in America going to war in Syria?
Because the powers-that-be haven't finished flogging that lie yet. Hell, you still hear conservatives talk about Saddam's intelligence guys meeting with Mohammad Atta in Prague, so they've probably got 10 good years left on the old Assad-gasses-his-people lie.
James don't forget those WMD in Iraq, I'm sure that's the reason obomber sent troops back to the country;)

Mint Press had a reporter in the area when it happened but I can't find the link. I do remember they took a lot of heat and of course called every name under the dark clouds of Amerikan press.
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