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Monday, January 18, 2016


From the ultra-right-wing National Review, on the 13th:
Iran’s Propaganda Victory in One Illegal Image

Here's what NR has to say about this image (which depicts those captured American Navy personnel)...
This photograph violates international law. Article 13 of the Geneva Convention (III), governing the treatment of prisoners of war, requires Iran to protect prisoners against “insults and public curiosity.” This photograph — including a female sailor apparently forced to wear a headscarf – is a quintessential example of “public curiosity” and would be interpreted as insulting throughout the Muslim world. (And if you don’t think Iran is in a state of armed conflict against the United States, tell that to the families of hundreds of American soldiers who’ve lost their lives to Iranians and Iranian-backed terrorists.)
That last bit probably made you smirk. The terrorists who have attacked us have been mostly Saudi; all of them were Wahhabist Sunnis. Of course, we are not at war with Iran.

Lets remind ourselves of the way America, in recent years, has treated wartime prisoners (to whom the Geneva convention did apply) -- and keep in mind that many of these people were utterly innocent. I don't know about you, but I'd rather be one of those guys in Iran, lounging around on pillows and that nice carpet...

Larry Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, told a Senate Committee that 100 prisoners had died in US custody. I heard about this from a post at firedoglake, and not being familiar with firedoglake, I looked for confirmation in a more mainstream source. I couldn't find it. I did find confirmation of the Senate Hearing. There was gossipy commentary that Douglas Feith had refused to show up.

So I went to the Senate website and found the transcript of the hearing and verified that Wilkerson had said what firedoglake reported. I never did find the story in the mainstream news, though ACLU issued quite detailed analyses including the medical examiners' reports that frequently documented things like crushed hyoid bones (consistent with strangulation) and boot prints stomped into legs (causing fatal sepsis).

Check out the comments section for the National Review article.
Perfecto, mon ami!
Wow, they sure are getting angry over at NR.
Really? I haven't looked at the backlash. But a positive comment from an NR reader would be a mark of shame.
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