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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Is Yats out?

Remember Yats?

Remember that supremely revealing "intercepted" telephone call (the one our mainstream media pretends never happened) in which State Department functionary Victoria Nuland imperiously decided that Arseniy Yatsenyuk, or "Yats," would be the new, US-chosen leader of Ukraine? That recording provided absolutely ironclad proof that the Ukraine "coup" was a creation of the United States.

(Nuland, as most of you know, belongs to the ultra-neocon Kagan clan. Whether a Democrat or Republican wins in 2016, she will continue to be a major string-puller in the State Department. Lo, she is with us always.)

Well, Yats became the Prime Minister of Ukraine, just as Nuland predicted (and by "predicted," I mean "engineered"). He lasted in that position for a surprisingly long time -- but there are reports that he is out, to be replaced by a new American Quisling.
The person who ousted him appears to have been the former CIA asset whom the U.S. Administration allowed to run as a candidate in Ukraine’s Presidential election on 25 May 2014, and who had won that election — the billionaire Petro Poroshenko. Poroshenko had assisted in the coup, and admitted it to the EU’s investigator who was sent right after the overthrow. (The information that it had been a coup instead of an authentic revolution came as a shock to the EU’s Foreign Affairs Minister.)
Poroshenko -- nicknamed "Willy Wonka" because his massive fortune supposedly is founded on his success as a chocolatier -- has served as the President of Ukraine since 2014. If the above report is correct, I'm not sure if the two functions will now be combined.

Is the report correct? The author of the above was Eric Zuesse, who is no fool. He does note that Yats has a webpage which is surprisingly empty. Right now, my suspicion is that Zuesse may have jumped the gun, although I would not be surprised if Our Man Yats does indeed soon leave.

For proof of Poroshenko's links to CIA, see this Wikileaks cable from 2006, which refers to him as "Our Ukraine (OU) insider Petro Poroshenko."

As we weigh accuracy of this report, let's note a key fact which our major media refuses to acknowledge: Most Ukrainians have come to loathe the government installed by The Vicky Conspiracy -- and they particularly hate Poroshenko.
After more than a year in office, 17% of Ukrainians approve of the job that Poroshenko is doing. This approval rating is down sharply from 47% a few months after his election in May 2014.
Poroshenko's low approval rating largely reflects Ukrainians' disenchantment with their leadership, which many feel has failed to deliver on what protesters demanded when they took to the streets two years ago. Since the Maidan revolution, Ukraine's economy has been in shambles, the Crimea region joined Russia and fighting between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists in the country's East has claimed more than 9,000 lives.
As low as Poroshenko's approval rating is, fewer Ukrainians have faith in their national government, which many have criticized for its slow pace of reform. Ukrainians' trust in their national government arguably did not have much room to fall, but the 8% who express confidence in their government is only one-third of what it was in 2014 (24%). It is also one of the lowest trust levels Gallup has recorded in Ukraine since 2006.
There's more: I urge you to read the rest of Gallup's findings.

Let's end on a humorous note. Embedded below is some footage of State Department Spokesperson Jan Psaki telling journalists that the United States never, ever supports coups. The audience can barely refrain from giggling. Why were these people smiling? Perhaps because they were quite aware of the facts revealed here, here, here, here and most of all here.

If you are looking to hire a comedian guaranteed to bring down the house at your next function, consider the freckled-and-feckless Jan Psaki: She'll be a roaring PBSUCCESS.

For more fun, check out Psaki here, where -- after the lights go out on her press conference -- a hot mic catches her telling an aide that what she just said was "ridiculous."

You may also be interested to see how Psaki handled the intercepted Victoria Nuland call when it first became public in 2014. Oh, that Psaki! Pshe's pso psilly.

Every time you write about Victoria Nuland I can't help but think of her father Sherwin Nuland, the author/Dr. who wrote a lot of books but perhaps best know for "HOW WE DIE". It seems his daughter is trying to help us out with an answer.
Even if this doesn't represent a divergence of opinion between State and Spooks, Ukraine has been effectively wrecked. It is rapidly becoming an economic basket case on a level similar to that of Somalia. They have lost Crimea via democratic vote, the eastern provinces have seceded, and now there are rumblings in the west in the Transcarpathia region. Vicky's favorite bad boys, the Nazi thugs of Right Sector, operate openly in criminal enterprises and serve the same role as that of the brownshirts in Germany prior to 1933.

Although the carnage and chaos are not comparable to that created in Libya, Syria, or Iraq, I'm sure Vicky and her minions still have high hopes for the future and intend to achieve their usual outcome: rubble, genocide, and total impoverishment of the target nation.
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