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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Even for Trump, this is low

Everyone knows that Donald Trump -- a hedonist pal of kidfucker Jeffrey Epstein -- doesn't have a religious bone in his body. Yet he went to the late Jerry Falwell's Liberty University to proclaim such nonsense as this:
There was his pledge to win the war on Christmas: “If I'm president, you're going to see ‘Merry Christmas’ in department stores, believe me.”
A presidential candidate playing the "War on Christmas" card? Really?

And what kind of moron truly believes that any president has the power to tell department store employees what to say? Liberty is supposed to be a university. One would hope that college students -- even ones attending that institution -- would understand that a president is not a king.

And yet...

That's his appeal, isn't it? Trump isn't running for president: He's running for King. And his supporters are the kind of people who, in their hearts, want a king.

These simpletons cannot understand policies or politics, although they often pretend to be experts on everything; they simply sense that something is wrong and they long for a Superman to fly down from the heavens to fix what needs fixin'. One cannot expect such voters to know how the Constitution works. Many of them do not even know that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. (Not long ago, I saw a Buzzfeed video in which average young people were asked "What is the supreme law of the land?" -- and not one could answer.)

Idiot America supports Donald Trump.
I think you have a fairly accurate take on Trump here. It's been interesting to see how divided opinion in the blogosphere is right now.
Well, you know, when the game of chess is over, all the pawns and the king go back in the same box.

We've had kings for quite a while now, I believe.
I think most people in the US are feeling a need to have someone who is more like a cowboy than a king. Verbally, they want someone who shoots from the hip. Sometimes right and sometimes wrong, but often truth seeps through those exchanges and it's not just head scratching double speak.
Oh fer gosh sakes, it's a just a box you have to check to get a [R] nod. The guy is the Trojan Horse that could sneak through the [R's] gates if Odysseus's enemies* would just clam up long enough to let a fairly liberal** take the [R] party in a new direction...which is LONG overdue.

*Exiled sycophants of Democratic "leadership".

**Like Obama, I studied his ACTIONS a prior to his candidacy
I thought we already had one of those shoot from the hip presidents. Or did I imagine all those dead troops and the financial melt down?
We have a president now that thinks he's a king. Do we need another? Maybe Hillary would be a good choice. No wait, she wants to be the queen.
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