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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Kubrick hoax

Did Stanley Kubrick fake the moon landings? No, he did not. First, the very idea that the moon landings were faked is ludicrous. Second, the idea that the "secret government" would trust the director of Dr. Strangelove (which the right considered an anti-American film) is absolutely insane.

Nevertheless, there is an elaborate new hoax designed to convince the world that Stan did it.

I guarantee you that there will be no authentic audio to match this interview transcript. There will be no confirmation from Kubrick's wife Christiane, from his daughter Abigail Meade, from his office manager Anthony Frewin, or from producer Jan Harlan.

This sort of fraudulence is inexcusable and contemptible. Except when I do it.
So even though the government has never been honest about the JFK coup we're supposed to believe they landed on the moon? Yeah, okay. The sooner you realize everything is a lie, the sooner you can set about figuring out exactly who is telling all these lies.
My Dad -- your basic Howard Wollowitz type -- worked on project Apollo.

You, sir, are an idiot. And I'm not going to be schooled by a KID.
Too bad the astronauts could not have left something behind that could be seen by a powerful telescope from earth.
In the supposed interview, Kubrick is quoted as saying "a movie I made". Who made the other five?

But getting off the Moon in the lunar module and rejoining the command module in lunar orbit, in the absence of an atmosphere, must have been an amazing feat of engineering with the technology of the 1960s.
The Apollo astronauts left optical retro-reflectors on the moon that can be detected by shining a strong pulsed laser at the moon and looking for a return pulse. See the "Mythbusters" show on debunking the fake Apollo myth for more details. A family friend when I was growing up in the 1960s was the project leader for making these retro-reflectors at Perkin-Elmer Corp. I remember him showing me one of the reflectors - a small glass corner cube. Several of these were mounted in an array.
"the very idea that the moon landings were faked is ludicrous". I used to agree with that Joseph. Until recently, when I read Dave McGowans "Wagging the moondoggie"-articles. They really opened my eyes. And no I don't want to offend your father. Most people at Nasa probably weren't in on the scam.
Look at these pictures of the Apollo 11 moonlander.
I'm no engineer, but what's it made of? Cardboard and gold tape?
Ivan, McGowan is so inane I don't know where to start. Well, let's start here: Do you really believe that a hoax like this would be clever enough to deceive the Russians and the Chinese -- and that only a bunch of fringe dwellers like Dave fucking McGowan could nose out the truth? Come off it.

Another point. After my dad died, my mom -- well, let's just say she enjoyed a drink or two, and being quite an attractive lady, she was a popular visitor at several imbibing establishments in the San Fernando Valley. This would be in the early 1970s. One of her "running buddies" was none other than Buzz Aldrin, back in his drinking days. She got to know him well, and definitely spent time with him while he was quite heavily sloshed.

I can assure you: Even when he was three sheets to the wind, VERY yappy, very uninhibited, he at no point gave even the slightest hint that there was any big damn secret to the Apollo mission. You would think that an inebriated man trying to impress a pretty lady would spill many a bean, if he had beans to spill. He didn't.

And let's not restrict this to my mom's experience. Lots and lots of people encountered Buzz when he was -- well, a-buzz. Not one hint that the landings were faked.

And not one hint from the other astronauts.

With that, I hereby close the argument. If you insist on believing McGowan-esque nonsense, fine -- but make your case on some other blog. I learned a long time ago not to argue with people who believe in Creationism or Holocaust denialism or controlled demolitions or Roswell or similar absurdities. One can never win.

Joseph -

FYI, in case you haven't heard, but that's "the late Dave McGowan" as of November 22. Lung cancer, I believe.
I've read three or four of his books or book-length article collections, and he holds a unique place in my pantheon: I've read most of his stuff two or three times, and I regularly recommend him to others -- even though I never agree with his main points. He's like economics: Fascinating at the micro level, bullshit at the macro. Inevitably, he manages to uncover little-known facts or make previously un- or little-known connections, which makes the first 85% or 90% a compelling read. Even when McGowan is determinedly wrong-headed about something -- Apollo, for instance -- anyone wishing to argue against such a claim could do worse than prepare by being able to refute each of his points.
"He's like economics: Fascinating at the micro level, bullshit at the macro."

Yes. That's it. That's the entire Dave McGowan story in one sentence. Thank you, maz.

And yeah, I've read his books more than once. Or at least heard them via text-to-speech on my mp3 player.
Joseph, I don't have as much time to spend online these as I used to, so am late with my occasional comments, however remain a faithful reader of your blog.

I'm commenting here on the "moon landing hoax" because I have a personal stake in this nonsense: my late maternal grandfather was a well-known (in the industry) metallurgist who spent many years with NASA and other government agencies as a consultant. His gigs included projects like coming up with a solution/repair when it was discovered that some metals used in the construction of the DEW (Distant Early Warning) Line radar installations became brittle in the cold temperatures of the far arctic north and caused some them to malfunction. He also was part of the program for the space shuttles' heat tiles, overseeing the quality control (and pissing off the manufacturer due to the high failure rate his testing team reported).

One of Grampa's proudest achievements was his involvement in the design specifications for two devices left on the moon by the astronauts: the Lunar Surface Gravimeter, for reporting fluctuations in the moon's gravity (unfortunately this malfunctioned due to a design flaw--Grampa called the engineer responsible a "dope"), and the Laser Ranging Retroreflector arrays, still functioning today. I think these latter devices are among the best evidence that we've visited the moon, as 1.) they had to be set up and oriented by humans; 2.) countless earthlings have bounced lasers off them all this time and 3.) a great body of data has been recorded, resulting in breakthroughs regarding the moon's slow migration away from earth, the nature of the moon's core, etc. Lasers aimed at the rest of the moon's surface don't reflect back, so how do the moon landing conspiracy theorists explain this?
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