Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Summing up Trump

I just heard a funny one:

"Donald Trump is what happens when a YouTube comments section becomes human and runs for president."
Wait I had to read that twice, spot on.)
Joseph, what do you think about Burt Reynold's comments about Charlie Sheen and the media backlash Reynolds is supposedly getting. The Reynold's comments remind me of Donald Trump in terms of not holding back any punches and frankly I liked Reynold's comments.
Can Trump win? Or, what would it take for him to win?

He's not far behind Rubio in the betting for the Repug nomination, right? Rubio has an unusual religious background.

Trump seems to be doing well, getting his name in headlines and stuff. No-one ever lost money by underestimating the commenters at Youtube.

This may be the first US presidential election for decades that I pay attention to :)
I have too many other battles going on right now with bureaucracy to do the Reynolds comments about Charlie Sheen and the media backlash into a Daily PUMA article but to me it's important because of the timing and how the media has to spin Reynold's comments into attacks against all HIV people when Reynolds was just talking about Sheen. The media really does seem to want to be the etiquette nanny and Trump is their target for upsetting their monopoly.
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