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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Stay cynical, my friends

A few quick points:

1. Remember that 34-nation anti-terror coalition led by (try not to smirk) Saudi Fucking Arabia? A short while ago, I said that this looked like just another one of those "Let's fight Assad while pretending to fight ISIS" ploys. Well, here's an analysis by former CIA guy Paul R. Pillar, who says much the same thing -- albeit in a more cautious and circumspect fashion.

2. When the neocon-dominated WP writes an editorial like this one, castigating John Kerry for "capitulating to Russia," you know that the Obama administration has finally done something right.

That's what's so weird about Obama: Every so often, he does something right. The Iran deal. Not going to war with Syria in 2013. Now this. He's a conductor who plays the "Symphony Neocon" at full throttle right up to the big finale -- at which point, he switches over to another piece entirely.


3. Earlier today, I saw that Dos Equis commercial in which the alleged Most Interesting Man In the World tells the camera: "Stay thirsty, my friends."

Isn't he saying "Don't drink this beer"? That's the only sensible way to interpret those words: "Rather than drink this stuff, you'd be better off if you just stayed thirsty."

Back in the 1980s, Burger King ran an ad campaign with the tag line "Ain't nothin' like the real thing." One night, David Letterman declared that line to be an example of "truth in advertising" -- and in short order, that campaign was over.

4. Wasn't there some sort of debate tonight? I think so, but I usually watch those things as a replay. Anything interesting happen...?
Anything interesting happen? Yeah, B. Sanders was ignored as much as possible. How do not let EVERY candidate respond to each question? Kabuki.
Stay Thirsty my friends means you can have more and more of the product because you are thirsty. If you quench your thirst, then its over and you are useless to the manufacturer.

There was one moment in the debate where Sanders says something about the breach of data, and Hillary Clinton responds and says lets move on, and immediately after Hillary Clinton's lets move on moment, Mr. Malloy goes on a rampage about how they should be talking about real issues rather than the data breach, which Hillary Clinton had just finished saying.

That was my first time hearing Malloy and gosh did he seem like a dum dum.
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