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Friday, December 11, 2015

Iraq says: "Let's go with Russia"

Most Americans are so obsessed with the new Star Wars and Captain America movies that they can't be bothered to learn about what's really going on in the world. But frivolity is not an option for the Iraqi people: They are in the middle of a goddamned war.

That's why most Iraqis know things that most Americans do not.

The Iraqis know that America and "the west" have spent many months pretending to fight ISIS, with no discernible results. A large portion of Iraq (including the city of Mosul) remains under ISIS control.

The Iraqis know that a leaked DIA report reveals that United States made a "willful decision" to use ISIS against Syria.

The Iraqis know that ISIS was funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, all allies of Washington.

The Iraqis know that the United States has a habit of using proxy armies to topple regimes it doesn't like: That's how Al Qaeda came into existence.

The Iraqis know that the U.S. deliberately allowed ISIS to take over the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra...
What angers the Syrian Army at the moment - and I was on their front lines about nine weeks ago - is that when columns of ISIS forces arrive in their thousands across the desert, clearly visible on American satellite pictures, the Americans don't bomb ISIS then. They let them attack the Syrian Army and beat them of course. That's how Palmyra fell, the Roman city whose temples are now being blown up by ISIS...
The Iraqis know that our ally, Erdogan of Turkey, personally profits from the shipping of ISIS oil.

The Iraqis know that the Turks have been shipping weapons to ISIS.
When I was in the northern Syrian city - a northern Syrian city - I'll keep it anonymous to save the lives of the people in it - I was told by Syrian oil workers there that when they talk to their colleagues in the ISIS zone, their colleagues say that they're being assisted by Turkish oil engineers.
The Iraqis know very well that our ally Turkey covets large parts of Iraq.

And finally: The Iraqis can see the plain fact that, when Russia entered the fight against ISIS on the Syrian side of the border, there was -- at last! -- some serious ass-whoopin'. ISIS can be conquered -- rather rapidly -- if one is willing to put up an actual fight.

Now, in the latest example of just how tenuous Washington’s grip on the region has become, the Iraqi parliament's Security and Defense Committee is calling for the review and cancellation of Baghdad’s security agreement with the US.

“The government and parliament need to review the agreement signed with the United States on security because the United States does not seriously care about its fulfillment,” committee member Hamid al-Mutlaq, a senior Sunni lawmaker told Sputnik on Wednesday. “We demand that it be annulled,” he added.

Who will fill the void you ask? You guessed it:

"Soon, a meeting [of the committee] with Prime Minister Haider Abadi will be held, at which we will propose cooperating with Russia in carrying out airstrikes against IS and in the fight against terrorism in Iraq," another committee member said earlier this week.
America overplayed its hand. Did Obama and the neocons really think that they could keep up their double-dealing forever?

The Iraqis understand that allowing Uncle Sam to "protect" them against ISIS is akin to hiring Michael Jackson as a babysitter.  What is Obama going to do when the Iraqi government tells us "Go away; we prefer Putin"?
Perhaps Obama is preparing the ground for furthering the new Cold War by painting Putin's stepping into the Iraq vacuum as imperialism.
Great interview by Fisk, but I'm not convinced by his very weak argument that the US "realise" that Assad is "preferable" to Daesh:

"But I think that the Americans realise that [Assad,] a secular man, brutal though he is and torturing though his secret services are, is probably preferable to ISIS, who at least - you know, who cut your throat on screen as opposed to in private. Pretty grim people, ISIS, and it is a cult of course and it's a very dangerous one."

If he's right that Russia isn't giving a lot of modern weapons to the Syrian government - not even for flying journalists like him about - then that's in contrast to the modern weapons that the Russians themselves are using in the war: cruise missiles, aircraft, air defences.
It's amazing how comprehensive the Iraq war has failed. Not only did we let Iraq become a vassal of Iran, whose proxies forced out our forces in 2011... We now also seem to have made it a Russian client state, for decades to come.

That's assuming the Iraqis rip up the agreement with the U.S. And as bad as, I maintain, Putin is, the Iraqi conspiracy theory about the U.S. supporting ISIS might actually be true. I know you've believed this for awhile, and so probably think I'm ridiculously late to the party. But it's the claim about Palmyra that gave me the most pause yet. More than the line of brand-new Honda (I think they were Honda) trucks that appeared in an ISIS parade shortly after we handed over a bunch of the same pick-ups to "rebels" - (see the Moonofa archives for more on this). I had a eureka moment, and it suddenly became clear why the U.S. is tacitly backing ISIS - so it can be a wedge against Assad. (Yeah, I know, it's obvious. Dunno why this just clicked for me.)
We here in the United States are currently acting as the Fourth Reich, and the underlying power structure that's making this happen is the same that was responsible for turning Germany into the Third Reich.

Zionism is Nazism is Zionism, and the largely stateless actors behind this racist ideology glide from nation to nation, infesting both government and industry by controlling the creation of money and leveraging humanity's overriding tendency towards greed to achieve their ends. They know no national boundaries and pledge allegiance only to their own kind and their self-anointed mantle as god's chosen ones; they are the ultimate Ethno-supremacists.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn stated clearly that the Bolsheviks were not Russian:

You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.

We currently call the Bolsheviks "Neocons" or "Neoliberals", but make no mistake: we're talking about the same group of people, essentially those we consider to be the ruling elite.

I am not clairvoyant so I can't say for sure whether or not Putin and his Russian Federation are aware of who's ultimately pulling the strings in this march towards all out global war, but Putin knows Russian history far better than I so it's safe to assume he is well aware of where Mordor is really located and fully understands that it makes no sense to focus on the hornets when you can better kill them all by destroying their nest.

Unless we here in America can remove these so-called Neocons and Neoliberals from power, I fear we're heading for a catastrophe of epic proportions. The Russian's have successfully repelled multiple military invasions by those interested in conquering their land, but arguably the most damaging invasion of all was of the surreptitious kind wherein the call was coming from inside the house, so to speak. Do we want to go down that same road? Do we want to commit our youth to fight and die in a war for a band or roving gypsy vampires who literally thrive by sucking the lifeblood from those inclined towards decency?

It's time to understand who and what we're up against, because we don't have long before the end at the rate we're going.
Fisk is wrong on the weapon thingy. The Russian Techs have update jet and helio for modern Russian weapons and night flight. The Syrian army has also been updated. Russia has brought in T-90 tanks for the Syrian army and tows missiles don't hurt them.
The today Putin told the Russia military to do what ever it needs to protect Russian troops and Syria.

Ziad is an American and has family in Syria that are citizens and in the military.

Great break down Joseph, I'll pass it around;)
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