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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bernie vs. The Donald

I've long admired Brent Budowski, but his latest must be taken with a grain of salt. He notes a recent poll which has Hillary beating Donald Trump somewhat easily, and Bernie Sanders walloping Trump by a 13 point margin.
It is time for the mainstream media to end their obsession with Trump and their virtual news blackout of the Sanders campaign when discussing presidential campaign polling.

How about, from now on, when any analyst on television discusses how strong Trump allegedly is, that it be emphasized that this strength is only within the GOP, and that in a general election, the real heavyweight champion of presidential polling is Bernie Sanders, not Donald Trump!
The problem with this analysis is that, so far, the media attack dogs have barked very little at Bernie Sanders. At this point, the right has little incentive to attack the man, since he damages the Clinton brand name. High poll numbers come easily if no-one criticizes you. Lots of people, on both the right and the left, have criticized Donald Trump; few have criticized Sanders.

To the best of my recollection, the only dirty trick played on Sanders so far came when those fake Black Lives Matter activists pretended that Bernie Sanders (of all people) was personally responsible for every misfortune suffered by African Americans throughout the past four centuries. That was a smarmy attack, but not a serious one. The serious attacks will come only after Sanders attains the nomination. If he gets it.

Which he won't.

Let's get real. Here's a recent Gallup poll:
A Gallup poll found that nearly 70 percent of Americans think big government is the country’s top problem. The poll results were released just days after President Obama signed a $1.1 trillion spending bill.

While 69 percent of the 824 Americans polled identified government as the biggest threat, 25 percent saw big business as the largest problem for the country and 6 percent were most concerned about big labor.
In this environment, a self-described socialist cannot be elected president. Sorry, folks, but numbers are numbers.

Look, I like fantasy as much as the next guy who grew up reading comic books, but politics takes place in the real world, so don't expect me to coddle you. Your fantasies of a Sanders presidency will never come true.

The best thing Sanders can do for his country right now is to attack Hillary Clinton and the Republicans on their mutual obeisance to neoconservatism. So far, he has been weak and wimpy on that score, offering no real challenge to the nonsense that Hillary has spouted. If Sanders starts telling the truth -- shouting the truth -- he will go down in history as the person who shook this country awake and forced it to face reality. He will never be president, but he may yet be the most consequential unsuccessful candidate in our history.
Against Donald Trump, it's a tough call though, because without a doubt the centrists will try and put in a third lane, and it wouldn't surprise me if it were Clinton/Bush as desperate as they will be.
Let's see-- a Vietnam CO and a Socialist-- let me count the ways I can Swift Boat him. Bernie is a delusion of the Naderite Sect of the Dimocratic Party. No one can be pure enough except the chosen one and when, like Obama, his feet get clayee, they will go to the Mission Impossible script and disavow all knowledge or support of him.
What a laughable joke. The Donald will ignite the Base such as you've never seen. Be fearful, lefty scum trolls....
It's really funny how you act like Sanders has ever actually wanted to win the nomination. It's been obvious all along that his only job was to inspire the college kids and then funnel that energy to Hillary. Good luck with that considering how demoralized they'll be when they find out Saint Sanders has been a phony all along, Hillary's in bed with Wall Street, and HEY, I guess it's true that Trump really isn't beholden to any corporate donors.

And really, who likes Hillary? Anyone? At least Trump is FUN, and not some haggard shaming grandmother. Jeb was the frontrunner at one point too Joseph. We've seen how that turned out.
Sadly, Trump's political director is a former regional director of AIPAC, so I suspect, like Obama, he is just another pressure release valve of a president.

I suspect Israel will continue to prosper.
I voted for Brian Moore (SPUSA) during the 2008 election cycle, with a stinging regret over the next four years because a person I love told me that I threw away a vote and it benefits the Republican Party when I engage with third parties. Because of that person, as well as your blog posts and the wonderful video you made (Romney Lies), I voted for Barack Obama in the 2012 election cycle, I feel even worse than I did after the 2008 presidential election. Barack Obama is one of the worst presidents in all of history, not just the history of this nation, he is absolute scum. As Cenk Uygur has pointed out, many times, Obama is a "fucking liar". I have defended Obama over the years. Against accusations of Marxism, communism and socialism. I have pointed out how and why Barack Obama is anti-marxist, anti-communist. He actually brings up communism when discussing America's fight against ISIL, pointing out that America survived the evils of communism and shall survive the evils of the Islamic State too. As Jeb Bush has told his supporters, I told others that Barack Obama is a Christian, he frequently invokes Almighty God (by which he means Father God, YHWH, Jesus and maybe the Holy Spirit, maybe not) and he wrote a book discussing his faith in Jesus at length. Actually he wrote more than one book (or maybe they were ghost written, which I sometimes suspect of celebrities and politicians). I have defended him against accusations of homosexuality, being friendly to lesbians (female homosexuals), (male) homosexuals, bisexuals (which do actually exist despite all the biphobia), transexuals (which isn't even a sexuality, it's a gender), and queers (a catch-all for other gender and sexual minorities) does not mean you have to be anything other than a cis-hetero-male (as 98-99% of the population is either that or cis-hetero-female). Despite all this, Barack Obama has betrayed me at every conceivable turn. He has terminated the Occupy movements, protected the Tea Party movements and their Second Amendment lackies, he has done nothing but shoved his tongue up Wall St's collective, puerile ass. Barack Obama isn't even a liberal or progressive Democrat, he is a so-called 'New Democrat'. The New Democrats claim to be centrists or center-left, in actuality, they are right of center not center-right. No matter what you say, what videos you make, I will not . . . I WILL NOT vote for Hillary Clinton. Fuck that bitch and fuck anyone promoting her campaign. You can have fun wasting your vote on that insufferable cunt who will only bring us more of the crap economics of the New Democrats. Under her, we will continue on the path to a dystopian cyberpunk future where a handful of corporations will wield actual power, government will be dysfunction and deadlock, nevermind powerless. I'm tired of this shit. You claim Hillary is A-okay on domestic issues, she's not. Nevermind that the Republican Party will continue to have a supermajority in the House and a slight majority in the Senate, ensuring that none of her bullshit domestic programs get through. If you think closet Objectivist Paul Ryan (who now claims to be a Thomist because of Ayn Rand's atheism) will allow Hillary Clinton to derail any of his domestic plans in the Congress, you're a fucking fool. In summary, fuck Barack Obama (not defending his worthless ass anymore), fuck Hillary Clinton (never defended her and never will), and fuck the New Democrats. Thanks to these twats, America's impoverished lower class and its middle class are thoroughly fucked into oblivion. America will be the homebase of a small international superclass, the labor movements are finished, there's nothing left of Leftism. Professor David M. Kotz predicted the fall of neoliberalism in his wonderful book 'The Rise and Fall of Neoliberal Capitalism' (Harvard University Press - 2015), but he's wrong. Neoliberalism hasn't fallen, isn't falling, it is stronger than ever and this is the dawning of the age of unfettered neoliberalism.
Methinks our Anonymous friend is responding to some post other than the one I wrote.
A different perspective:
Hear fucking hear, Joshua Black! Great and poignant comment.
Permit me to ignore the detour comments has taken into the weeds, and thank Joseph for another Master Class in art appreciation
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