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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Well, THAT was a notable Christmas. I'm back at home, feeling rather sound despite lingering palpitations and lightheadedness. Of course, there are those who would argue that the natural state of my head was always best described as "light."

I will take the rest of this day and night off for further rest, and to catch up with the news. Right now, I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my imperfect heart for their warm thoughts during this time. Some of you donated without being asked. I hope to thank all of you individually, but right now let me just say...

...well, "gratitude" is too small a word for the way I feel. The many people who have helped me throughout the past five days deserve a larger, grander word -- a word that combines the concepts of gratitude, awe and reverence.

And the people who most deserve such a word are the nurses. Right now, I can't think of a nobler profession.

Here's a clip from a movie I rather woozily watched in the ICU. The first singing of one of the truly great songs. Close-ups were used much more rarely in older films than is the case today -- but when a big CU did show up, it meant something.

Take it easy, Joseph. Here's thinking about you.
Glad you are home! Maybe you need a doggie door for George so he won't be getting you all up all night!
Good to have you back! Please don't underdo the resting :-)
Be well!
Nurses are so awesome I married one. Rest well, friend. Sleep as much as possible. Walk. Sleep. Repeat.
Lingering palpitations. Do you have your own doctor who will get your hospital report, Joseph? That's very important in the event you developed atrial fibrillation which requires you take a blood thinner.
I have 6 artery stents, Cannon. They work! Stay indomitable!
Glad you're back, Joseph!. Take care, do what the doc tells you, and get healthy.
Nice to see you back. Don't overwork yourself, a week off a busy routine can do wonders.
Rest and we'll catch up later.
So pleased to see you're home again, and going to rest up - good plan - best possible plan! A Happy (and a much heathier) New Year, Joseph!
This was a shock. So glad you are OK. Take it easy.
Great to see a post bringing in the new year. Have a great one!
Happy New Year. Take it easy and get well.
I just saw the news of what happened. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery.
glad you're healing well dude, keep it up. It's often said, " save one life, you're a hero, save one hundred lives, you're a nurse."
God bless you, Joseph ... Take your time, but keep a pad/pencil handy! Stalker reader since 2004 (Bulge Gate) ...
Is it time for another update?
Is that your way of saying "Back to work," Alessandro?

Okay, you're right. But it was just so pleasant NOT to have to pay attention to the news!
I was referring to your palpitations, have they gone away and are you doctored up for a follow up visit after your hospital visit. I'm all over this stuff having been a caregiver for both of my parents since 2007. Not implying you are my parent's age either.
Just seeing this news now (as I avoid news and the internet for the most part over my long holiday break). Glad it has all turned out as well as can be expected, and it's great you are back home feeling better! Get plenty of rest and get back to normal for us affectionadoes of your work.
Tempis fugit.

I keep thinking I'll run into you (or the very significant other or newish beast), but fleeting is the word of the day. So stay put, get better, please, don't stop writing, and we'll see you soon. P.
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