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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A great new video inspired by the latest Sy Hersh revelations

Okay, this video is mostly an audio affair. So convert it to mp3 and listen to it on your mp3 player.

It looks like the new Sy Hersh piece (which I discuss in the post below) could have a major impact. Maybe we can shame Bernie Sanders into becoming the Democratic Party's anti-neocon candidate; if he does, his numbers will surely rise.

The movement is gaining steam, folks, on both the right and the left: We are converging on the center.

Andrew Cockburn has an amazing article up about the renewed US/Al Qaeda partnership.
Addressing the dominance of extremists in the Syrian opposition, Leon Panetta, a former CIA director, has blamed our earlier failure to arm those elusive moderates. The catastrophic consequences of this very approach in Libya are seldom mentioned. “If we had intervened more swiftly in Syria,” Gartenstein-Ross says, “the best-case scenario probably would have been another Libya. Meaning that we would still be dealing with a collapsed state and spillover into other Middle Eastern states and Europe.”

Even as we have continued our desultory bombing campaign against the Islamic State, Ahrar al-Sham and Nusra are creeping closer and closer to international respectability. A month after the London Eleven meeting, a group of scholars from the Brookings Institution published an op-ed making the case for Ahrar al-Sham: “Designating [the] group as a terrorist organization might backfire by pushing it completely into Al Qaeda’s camp.” (The think tank’s recent receipt of a multiyear, $15 million grant from Qatar was doubtless coincidental.)

Over the past year, other distinguished figures have voiced support for a closer relationship with Al Qaeda’s rebranded extensions. David Petraeus, another former head of the CIA, has argued for arming at least the “more moderate” parts of Nusra. Robert Ford, a former ambassador to Syria and a vociferous supporter of the rebel cause, called on America to “open channels for dialogue” with Ahrar al-Sham, even if its members had on occasion slaughtered some Alawites and desecrated Christian sites. Even Foreign Affairs, an Establishment sounding board, has echoed these notions, suggesting that it was time for the United States to “rethink its policy toward al-Qaeda, particularly its targeting of Zawahiri.”
Ahrar al-Sham is the group that Obama and Kerry are promoting now as an "ISIS lite" alternative -- only these guys are not so lite. For one thing, they kill Christians -- a fact which the NYT continues to mis-report.

Some more videos for you to peruse...

When Obama leaves office and establishes the Barack Obama Foundation can we expect to see very large donations made by the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the other Salafist principalities?
I find it unlikely that Israel has been giving Assad information to help Syria fight Daesh, considering that Israel is supporting al-Nusra, that Daesh vids are apparently channeled through Rita Katz, and there have been allegations that the Israeli military works with Daesh. Certainly Daesh has never attacked Israel and doesn't seem to even talk about Israel. And if this part of the story is unlikely, how much of the rest of it is possibly untrue?
Anon...and please do not be you know, I am hardly an apologist for Israel. ISIS does offer anti-Israel rhetoric to its dupes, although I've yet to see the group do anything that actually harms Israeli interests. The Katz videos are, I think, slightly bowdlerized versions made available to the public; I think that the "real" (uncensored; no blackouts of the actual beheadings) ISIS videos are directed to American authorities. How Katz gets hold of them is an interesting question...!

It may well be that there are factions within Israel, as there are within our own military/intelligence complex. I've seen some material in the Israeli press indicating that Assad is "the enemy we know" and thus better than the uncontrollable ISIS. There are others, of course, who feel that the goal of dethroning Assad trumps all other concerns.

So we have a proxy war going on in Middle East. On one side of the proxy war is USA and on other is Russia. The Pentagon under this Dempsey idiot, decides in its infinite wisdom to leak Intel to the Russian side in order to undermine the sitting U.S. president? What a fucking joke. Why am I am paying these guys out of my tax dollars again to help the "enemy" win?

If Dempsey had a crisis of conscience then fucking resign and tell your story to wake up the American people. Don't gimp the weapons of the guys fighting on your side in order to help the Russians?!? Fucking idiot.

Regarding the West's alliance with al-Qaeda in Syria and the distribution of arms. Peter Oborne.
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