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Monday, July 20, 2015

The apocalypse family

Robert Parry has a powerhouse piece up on the most dangerous family in the world today: Robert Kagan and Victoria Nuland.
Kagan, who cut his teeth as a propaganda specialist in support of the Reagan administration’s brutal Central American policies in the 1980s, is now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a contributing columnist to The Washington Post’s neocon-dominated opinion pages.

On Friday, Kagan’s column baited the Republican Party to do more than just object to President Barack Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal. Kagan called for an all-out commitment to neoconservative goals, including military escalations in the Middle East, belligerence toward Russia and casting aside fiscal discipline in favor of funneling tens of billions of new dollars to the Pentagon.

Kagan also showed how the neocons’ world view remains the conventional wisdom of Official Washington despite their disastrous Iraq War.
One day, historians will be able to give an honest answer to one of the great questions of our time: Since the Kagans clearly dislike Obama, and since most of the world despises the Kagans, why does Victoria Nuland (Robert Kagan's wife) continue to have an important job in the State Department? Indeed, at this point she seems to be running the State Department, with John Kerry functioning as a figurehead.

I'm thinking blackmail. It seems to be the only real answer. 

In the talk embedded a couple of posts down, Max Blumenthal reveals how Israel manages to recruit snitches among the Palestinians. Israel's Unit 8200 (their NSA) listens in on all Palestinian communications and identifies gay people. Islamic culture being what it is, many of the gays would rather inform than have their secrets known.

If they are willing to spy there, why not here?

We all have secrets. I suspect that blackmail on an industrial level has been going on. How else can we explain the fact that the architects of the Iraq disaster still control the foreign policy narrative?

Take our president, for example.

Obama took a lot of pay-offs as he rose to power, as this blog (and few other outlets) frequently noted during the 2008 campaign. The Tony Rezko affair always seemed that close to turning into a political thunderstorm, yet the cloudburst never came.

Let's switch metaphors: Obama's life is a mansion with a locked basement. I don't pretend to know the contents of that basement, but I suspect that it contains many things that our President would prefer to see unmentioned in the history books.

On one hand, the very existence of the Iran deal indicates that Obama is not fully under control. On the other hand, the fact that Nuland still runs so much of the show indicates that Obama is not fully in charge. I hope I live long enough to learn how that situation came about.
But Nuland is a foreign policy force of her own, considered by some in Washington to be the up-and-coming “star” at the State Department. By organizing the “regime change” in Ukraine – with the violent overthrow of democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014 – Nuland also earned her spurs as an accomplished neocon.

Nuland has even outdone her husband, who may get “credit” for the Iraq War and the resulting chaos, but Nuland did him one better, instigating Cold War II and reviving hostilities between nuclear-armed Russia and the United States. After all, that’s where the really big money will go – toward modernizing nuclear arsenals and ordering top-of-the-line strategic weaponry.
And there are Yet More Kagans to Worry About:
For instance, Robert’s brother Frederick works at the American Enterprise Institute, which has long benefited from the largesse of the Military-Industrial Complex, and his wife Kimberly runs her own think tank called the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).
Funny you should mention that, Robert. The video below is less than a minute long, and it ends with a very revealing comment by General Petraeus.

Blackmail is 100% the order of the day and it's the same dirty trick business that's in essence behind the entire pedophilia scandal currently enjoying a limited hang-out in the UK. Jeffrey Epstein wasn't just a pervert; he works for the same shadowy forces behind the UK blackmail scheme, and that was his business, too.

There's a reason Lesley Wexner gave Jeffrey Epstein his 51,000 square foot mansion in Manhattan for $1, and that reason is that they both - and these billionaire benefactors of modern American politics - answer to the same bosses. The REAL power.
Talking of apocalypse, Lloyds insurance market is warning that

"(t)e ability of the global food system to achieve food security is under significant pressure


"(...)the food system is becoming increasingly vulnerable to acute shocks.

As the writing on the wall grows ever more clear, insurance - almost as scummy a sector as money-lending - is an interesting area to watch.

It could be that insurance price hikes will play a role in triggering the downhill hurtle the risk of which the hikes themselves would supposedly be a response to.
What's Nuland up to in the Ukraine? She was there this week for the parliamentary vote on constitutional change and Donetsk and Luhansk.

Although Zionists were involved in destabilising the Ukraine and in installing the fascist regime in Kiev (see in particular the banker Igor Kolomoyskyy, a figure in the international criminal-religious organisation Chabad, a group which is of increasing importance in many countries), I don't buy the line that Nuland has "okayed" Russian control over the mainly Russian areas in the east as a price for the Kremlin's cooperation with the US on Iran. That sounds like bullshit aimed at the kind of media consumer who doesn't appreciate either broad strategy or narrower military considerations but likes hearing about "deals" because it makes them think they're sceptical or even cynical about what's in the media.

The conflict in Novorossiya has subsided and a line has been drawn and the military position is not currently particularly volatile or hairy. Which isn't to say that that can't change quite quickly - and I assume the US and British military 'advisers' are still in place - but it was obvious which way the vote in Kiev would go. Anyone who talks about a deal in the context of Nuland's visit should consider Ukrainian debt and of course the EU...
Here is Peter Pomerantsev in the Guardian, whinging his socks off about Russian superiority in psywar.

(I mean was it ever likely that Boris Berezovsky, favourite of the British royal family, would ride back into the Kremlin on a white horse following a 'colour revolution' in Moscow set in motion by young middle class people who enjoy listening to western-style pop music on their expensive stereo equipment, who don't like Christianity, who are pro-gay all the way, and who belong to the 15% of the Russian population who have internet access at home? Do I also have to spell it out that the renamed KGB is as powerful as it ever was and that Putin is in the 'Slavophile' mould of Stalin rather than the 'Westerniser' mould of Lenin or Yeltsin? There's not going to be a fucking colour revolution in Moscow and the KGB must be pissing themselves laughing at the efforts made through the US and British embassies, and using NGOs and Twitter, to treat Russia as if it were Arabia, Georgia or the Ukraine.)

D'you know what? If it's Twitter against Russia Today, my money's on Russia Today.
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