Monday, July 27, 2015

If anyone is paying attention... may have noticed a lack of posting recently. Uncharacteristically, I've been trying to pay attention to paid work. Sorry. I'll try to have something soon, perhaps later today.
No apology needed, Joseph. That you regularly provide us with such a wealth of information, research and resources--without monetary compensation--is greatly appreciated. We all have to keep up with our bills.
Don't worry about us, we'll find something else on which to waste time, take care of your dinner plate first. Maslow's rules!
No need to apologize. Us longtime readers know your status, and that you often have to pay the bills before gracing us with your excellent blogging. Do what you have to do, we'll wait.
Of course we're paying attention, Joseph. Congratulations on the paying gig! some of us time to catch up on your articles!

Here's something that I'm sure explains some of the past mysteries you posted....
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