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Sunday, June 21, 2015

We need a new word to describe this level of hypocrisy

Some hypocrisy goes beyond hypocrisy, and we need a new word to describe it. Some forms of hypocrisy are so blatant that the responsible party appears to be motivated by something more than mere personal or political gain. What I am about to show you is an example of hypocrisy so extreme that we must ascribe it to psychosis.

To understand what I'm talking about, one need simply compare two images. The first one was published by a Twitter account called Israel News Flash, a known "hasbara" production.

The next photo may be found on several websites.

This photo depicts what is left of the historic 1700 year-old Tabgha (sometimes spelled Tabghe) church, also known as the Church of the Multiplication, located by the Sea of Galilee. According to tradition, this Catholic church was built on the spot where the miracle of the loaves and fishes is said to have occurred.

The building was destroyed by Jewish racial supremacists. Nobody claims that this building was being used by Palestinian "terrorists." The sole motive for this act of violence was Jewish hatred of non-Jews.

I know that the phrasing I have used will strike many readers as harsh. Read the news accounts of this incident and you will see that my description is accurate; any other wording would do the story a disservice.

Here is US News and World Report:
A passage from a Jewish prayer, calling for the elimination of idol worship, was found scrawled in red spray paint on a wall outside the church.
How is this outrage different from the atrocities against historical artifacts committed by ISIS? In fact, the crime in Israel is far worse, since the Church of the Multiplication is a living house of worship.

Electronic Intifada:
Hebrew graffiti painted on the outside of the church invoked biblical passages calling on the faithful to destroy the “idols” of pagans.
The same church suffered an earlier attack in 2014, in which Israeli youths were witnessed “pelting worshippers with stones, destroying a cross and throwing benches into the lake.”

The attack bears many of the hallmarks of settler “price tag“ attacks, assaults by extremist settler groups, many of which have been on Christian sites. Sixteen youths from West Bank settlements, including the extremist stronghold Yitzhar, were arrested soon after the attack, but released just a few hours later without charge.

Other sites that have suffered similar attacks include another church in Tabgha and a mosque in Fureidis, both in the Galilee region, in 2014, and a Greek Orthodox seminary in Jerusalem in 2015.
Monks from the Benedictine Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem have also complained that they are increasingly the targets of “hate crimes” ranging from spitting, verbal attacks and vandalism.

A spokesperson for the abbey told the Catholic News Service that so-called Hilltop Youth, Israelis associated with the most radical elements of the West Bank settler movement, were responsible for the attacks and police were doing nothing to stop them.
The government “does not give the police orders and doesn’t invest any effort” to stop such attacks, the Joint Arab List said, “and the result is more radical deeds.”

“Netanyahu stands at the head of the incitement system against the Arab public in Israel, and he is guilty of the revenge attacks we witness in the morning news,” the party stated. “A so-called price-tag attack is not an act by deviants, but rather an act by calculated, thinking people that are indicative of the existence and repercussions of institutionalized racism and oppression.”
The attack on the Church of the Multiplication was no aberration. It was the inevitable result of a sickness pervading Israeli society from top to bottom. To cite but one example:
The ultra-Orthodox rabbinate controls all issues of personal status, including marriage and divorce. To get married in Israel to another Jew, you must prove you are Jewish. If that is impossible, as in Margulis’s case, you cannot get married.
Only Orthodox Rabbis may perform wedding ceremonies in Israel.
Or here:
No civil marriage, no mixed marriage: Tying the knot in Israel remains in the hands of religious authorities.
But that's just the start...
These new laws and bills, which continue to be promulgated on a very frequent basis, seek, inter alia:
to dispossess Arab citizens of Israel and exclude them from the land;
turn their citizenship from a right into a conditional privilege;
limit the ability of Arab citizens and their parliamentary representatives to participate in the political life of the country;
criminalize political acts or speech that question the Jewish or Zionist nature of the state; and
privilege Jewish citizens in the allocation of state resources.
From The Hill (no-one's idea of an anti-Semitic website):
For example, the “Increased Governance and Raising the Qualifying Election Threshold Bill” (from 2 percent to 4 percent) will severely harm the ability of the three small Arab parties in Israel to be elected to the Knesset. The “Contributors to the State Bill” will legalize discrimination in hiring, salaries and social benefits in favor of military service graduates, thereby excluding the vast majority of Arab citizens who do not serve in the army for historical and political reasons. More severely, the “Prawer-Begin Law” will oversee the forced displacement of up to 70,000 Bedouin citizens in the Naqab (Negev) and the dispossession of 800,000 dunams of their land for exclusive Israeli Jewish development.
This hostility towards the Palestinian minority is not simply a problem of the right wing. Since 1948, Israel’s Arab citizens have been viewed as a demographic threat and have faced day-to-day policies of discrimination in all fields of life. Moreover, before 2013, over 50 Israeli laws had already been enacted that restrict the rights of Palestinian citizens; 20 of those laws were passed by the 18th Knesset.
All of these bills demonstrate the rapidly deteriorating state of human rights within Israel’s own borders. Some of the proposed bills pending in the Knesset echo those of the Jim Crow United States and other racist laws in their explicit efforts to maintain the privileged and segregated rights of one group over another.
Israel is a nation founded on racism. The vile doctrine of Jewish supremacy -- that strange, inchoate conflation of resentment and entitlement -- has become a "fire in the brain" spreading throughout the national culture. Max Blumenthal is quite correct when he refers to Israel as JSIL -- the Jewish State in the Levant. Israel and ISIS are one and the same.

The hate-filled hypocrites at the Israel News Flash should keep their mouths off the massacre committed by Dylann Roof. I don't care what Israel's apologists say; they have told so many lies over the years (example) that their words have come to mean less than nothing. What matters is action. The actions taken against non-Jews in Israel tell us all we need to know about the filthy state of that nation's culture.

There may be those who claim that I am demonizing the Israelis. Why should we not demonize those who act like demons? The Nazis deserved to be demonized. Mussolini and his supporters (who were of Italian heritage, as am I) deserved to be demonized. Stalin and his cohorts deserved to be demonized. The Confederates deserved to be demonized. General Custer, John Chivington, Andrew Jackson and the other murderers of American Indians deserve to be demonized. Those who join the Klan deserve to be demonized. Dylann Roof and Anders Brevik deserve to be demonized. Why should we exempt the racists of Israel, a state in which a tribal variant of "Roof-ism" has become the foundation of law, custom and weltanschauung?

Besides, it is transparently obvious that the Israelis and their Jewish supporters in the diaspora secretly want the world's hatred. They will never admit this fact, not even to themselves, but deep in the most hidden places of their unconscious minds, a sickness has taken hold. What Jewish Israelis are doing to non-Jews constitutes a form of sadism, and I subscribe to the theory every sadist is a covert masochist. For the racists of Israel -- and perhaps for all oppressors, in all of history -- being hated fulfills some unfathomable psychological need. History tells us that despots and bigots will pile outrage upon outrage until the world finally rises against them -- and at that moment, the persecutors orgasm. In the words of Hamlet: They did make love to this employment.
Joseph, you're conflating different types of Jews. It's like saying white allies are hypocrites because other white adults in the US are yelling racist slurs at AA children. Yes, it's a problem for ALL of us. The discussion requires all of us. And I, for one, think ALL the toxic patriarchal religions/cults must go. But the fire is in our house. Let the Israelis handle their own. We have a lot of work to do right here.

One poet friend of mine pointed out that the regular American flag can be construed as racist as the confederate flag, and that's a valid point. We are the arms dealers of the world. We're even arming our enemies so we have more targets.

Do we want to continue as such?

As psychiatrist/author Thomas Szasz says (paraphrase): "People are crazy, some people believe they are Jesus Christ and some people believe they are the chosen ones." He a man born in the 1920's to a Jewish father and mother.
(I know you don't like him (Libertarian!) much Joseph but he is my favorite author, after Ivan Illich.)
He wrote, along with about 50 other books, "Faith in Freedom: Libertarian Principles and Psychiatric Practices".
zee, indeed, Israel should handle their own problems.........without our billions in "aid", or unwavering fealty of our politicians.
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