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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Did ANYONE on the Warren Commission believe the Warren Commission?

As I argued in an earlier post, the media burbles up conspiracy theories on a routine basis, particularly when the target is Hillary Clinton. And yet one loses credibility the moment one suggests that JFK was killed by a conspiracy. This, despite the fact that the doubters of the Warren Commission's findings have included a parade of remarkable individuals -- including the slain president's closest relatives, his widow, the accused assassin's widow, the accused assassin's assassin, President Johnson (who convened the Commission), many congressmen, J. Edgar Hoover, Kennedy intimate Theodore Sorenson...

...and at least three members of the Warren Commission itself (which had but seven members).

Now we have excellent evidence indicating that a fourth commission member doubted that Oswald was the lone assassin: Gerald Ford, the man who later became America's only unelected president.

This remarkable claim appeared in an interview published a couple of years ago in a French-language news magazine. The man being interviewed is none other than the former President of France, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing.

Here's my translation of the most relevant portion (and please improve on this translation if you find errors):
"Gerald Ford [editor's note: US President from 1974 to 1977] was part of the Warren Commission," reflects Valéry Giscard d'Estaing. "I did a road trip with him once in the United States. He was a president, and so was I. I said to him: 'Let me ask an indiscreet question. You were in the Warren Commission; what conclusions did you reach?' He said, 'Nothing satisfactory. We reached a primary conclusion: This was not an isolated crime; it was something organized. We were sure that it was organized. But we weren't able to discover by whom.'"
Valéry Giscard d'Estaing's motivation for lying about so important a matter would be -- well, what exactly?

The former President of France is hardly a crank or an outsider. He was always a moderate, a centrist, a bulwark of the establishment, a man disliked by ideologues on both the right and the left. He remains a member of France's Conseil Constitutionnel, the nation's highest authority on all matters concerning the French Constitution. He is now 89 years old, not an age at which a respected statesman is likely to become a puckish leg-yanker.

This august figure has no motivation for putting false words into the mouth of Gerald Ford.

Thus, only three members of the seven-member Warren Commission never expressed doubt about the "lone nut" hypothesis. These men were:

1. Allen Dulles, the ultra-devious former head of the CIA -- a man who had been fired by JFK, and who thus had every reason to despise him.

2. John J. McCloy, former head of the World Bank.

3. Earl Warren.

There is even some evidence that Warren himself did not accept the conclusions of the commission which (informally) bore his name. I may discuss that possibility at another time.

Of course, if we accept Valéry Giscard d'Estaing's testimony (and I do), then we must conclude that no-one on the Warren Commission accepted the official findings, despite their public statements.
You didn't mention the other politician shot that day--John Conally. I'm too lazy to look for the exact quote, but he said something like you may believe that a single bullet passed through John Kennedy's neck ,turned ninety degrees and went through his arm and then passed through my body to emerge unscratched on the floor of the car, but I don't."
To add:

"Beyond any question, and I'll never change my opinion, the first bullet did not hit me. The second bullet did hit me. The third bullet did not hit me."

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I should have mentioned that neither of the other two men hit in Dealey Plaza that day (Connally and Tague) bought the official scenario. Neither did General Walker.

My main purpose in writing this post is to publicize the story about Ford. It isn't widely known, since the original report was in French.
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