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Monday, June 15, 2015

Best joke of the day

From Jon Schwarz in The Intercept:
One of my core political beliefs is that there would still be a Soviet Union if they’d been smart enough to have two communist parties that agreed on everything except abortion.
Schwarz recently found out that his joke is not just a joke...
But here’s what’s really funny: according to the Russian-American journalist Masha Gessen, oligarch Boris Berezovsky did consciously want to set up post-Soviet politics in Russia to work like this.

Berezovsky made his billions mostly through shady privatization schemes, and was a key supporter of Boris Yeltsin during the 1990s. Then, according to Berezovsky, he chose Vladimir Putin to succeed Yeltsin. According to Gessen, “Berezovsky also had another brilliant idea, which to his regret Putin did not grasp: creating a fake two-party system, with Putin at the head of a socialist-democrat sort of party and Berezovsky leading a neoconservative one, or the other way around.”
Absolutely fascinating. Note the role that Sheldon Adelson plays in the Republican race, versus the Haim Saban's role in the Democratic race.

By the way, I want to reiterate that Berezovsky did not have Litvinenko killed as a false flag attack designed to create hostility toward Putin. Get that thought out of your head. I don't know who gave you such a ridiculous idea.
From Preston Sturges' The Great McGinty:

McGinty: “What do you mean reform?”

The Boss: (with irritation) “What do you think it means? Don’t make me say everything twice, will you? I said, do you want to be reform mayor… MAYOR of this city?”

McGinty: (suspicious of a joke) “Whata you got to do with the reform party?”

The Boss: “I am the reform party, what do you think?”

McGinty: “Since when?”

The Boss: “Since a long time. In this town I’m all the parties. You think I’m goin’ to starve every time they change administrations?”
The funniest thing about this joke is that you would have banned anyone who posted it here back in 2012.
As long as the rules were observed, I never "banned" anyone in 2012. Of course, if I don't like what you have to say, I'm more likely to enforce the rules stringently. So the commenting policy here is really more of a "don't give me a reason" situation.

Shall I resort to the simple and familiar argument, vis-a-vis 2012? Yes, I think I shall. Mitt Romney would have enthusiastically led us into war in Syria in 2013. If you say that war in Syria is no biggee, you're a fool. A privileged and complacent fool. It would not have been YOUR ass on the line, would it?

Besides, Mitt just plain lied about a whole bunch of stuff. I don't think I've ever detested another candidate the way I hated him. And god knows I despised both W and Obama.
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