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Saturday, April 04, 2015

Why are we backing Al Qaeda?

The ever-brilliant Maram Susli asks why the mainstream media has decided to treat Al Qaeda as though they're the good guys.

Alas, the situation is even stranger than this video suggests. Two days ago, our media gave a fair amount of coverage to Al Qaeda's takeover of a jail in Yemen. Yet the American public was not told that the Saudi incursion has strengthened Al Qaeda in that country.

I was able to glimpse only a minute of CNN's coverage of the jailbreak. To my amazement, CNN seemed to offer the impression that the Houthis and Al Qaeda are somehow in cahoots. In fact, the Houthis are staunch opponents of Al Qaeda.

It's a mad situation, best summed up by the Saker...
In the meantime, the local al-Qaeda franchise is using the Saudi-lead aggression to liberate its members from prison, the US continues to pretend to bomb al-Qaeda in Iraq while supporting the same al-Qaeda in Syria and Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Israel are jointly bombing the Shia in Yemen and Iran is accused of interfering in Yemeni affairs. How utterly crazy AngloZionist policies have become?!

This would all be outright hilarious if people were not dying.
A Middle-East without al-Qaeda/ISIS is possible, of course, this is the one Iran, Syria and Hezbollah are fighting to create. But they are called “rogue states” and members of the “axis of evil” while the multi-national al-Qaeda support coalition would be the “axis of kindness” I suppose.
The obvious intent of the United States and its allies is to foment a region-wide sectarian war between Sunnis and Shiites. In Iraq and Syria, those two groups lived in harmony for many years. (It is worth noting that Maram Susli happens to come from a Sunni family, yet she supports Assad, who is not Sunni.) Thanks to our meddling, the Sunnis and the Shiites are killing each other in those two countries -- and now, in Yemen.

For unfathomable reasons, the U.S. is stirring up a massive Sunni-Shiite war. Moreover, we obviously want the Sunni jihadists to win that war.


Why on earth would the United States take sides in a religious conflict that has nothing, nothing to do with us? And for god's sake, why are we backing Al Qaeda's side of that conflict?

It's more like "post-colonial states and groups vs. colonial states/groups. The religious divide is more coincidental than anything. The US is starting to back al-Nursa because they're the more conservative option compared to ISIS/Da'esh, who are totally off the rails and just kill EVERYBODY including their fellow Sunni's if their caught in arms against them. Al-Quaeda at least make some pretense of following Sharia, while ISIS is as much under the influence of "Post-Arab Nationalist" thinkers like Mohammed Qutb as (for instance) Salafism/Wahabism. In other words, to them Islam is an identity much more than a religion, which is why actually religious Muslims have no trouble condemning these guys. They're Muslims like Anders Breivik is a Christian. Al Nursa IS the moderate opposistion at this point. Maybe Clintonova(as we call her here in Prague)can effect some diplomatic breakthrough with Assad but it would be flying in the face of the Arab/Israeli axis and that is going to take some political courage like we've not seen since ...Nixon went to China?
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