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Sunday, April 05, 2015

The US is training neo-Nazi troops

In previous posts, we've discussed the neo-Nazi Azov battalion in Ukraine. I asked why our mainstream media hypes up a non-existent rise in "anti-Semitism" in western Europe while at the same time excusing these Ukrainian Hitler-worshippers.

A German news site reports that we are now directly training these fascist bastards. Here's a quick-n-duty partial translation (mostly derived from Google) of that article. (If you can improve upon this translation, please do.)
The US Army will cooperate in a military maneuver in Ukraine with the extreme right-wing Azov battalion. The Azov troops operate uncontrolled alongside the Ukrainian army. Russian OSCE officials accused the group of violating the truce of Minsk.

On April 20th, US paratroopers will begin to train Ukrainian soldiers in the town of Yavoriv. There will be also joint military exercises, reports the Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. The right-wing Azov militia will participate in the exercises...
April 20 is Hitler's birthday. These things must always be done with a sense of humor. Incidentally, Arsen Avakov was the founder of the Azov militia. Never forget that these neo-Nazis were placed in power by Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan, the neocon power couple extraordinaire.
Many members of the Azov-militia have ties to neo-Nazi groups, or even neo-Nazis . The symbol of the battalion is reminiscent of the Wolf Angel, a right-wing symbol banned in Germany. The battalion says the glyph represents the letters N and I, which stand for "national idea."
Wait a minute. Wasn't there supposed to be some sort of ceasefire?

Indeed so. But the Azov militia, being an ostensibly private endeavor, does not consider itself bound by any such agreement. They will no doubt commit acts of mayhem which will break the truce. When the Novorossiya forces fire back, the trained parrots of American journalism will squawk that Putin broke the ceasefire.

That's my prediction. Watch it happen.

Speaking of Russia: A few days ago, William Blum published a particularly good piece on what he calls Cold War 2.0.
As cynical as I’ve been for years about the American mainstream media’s treatment of ODE (Officially Designated Enemies), current news coverage of Russia exceeds my worst expectations. I’m astonished every day at the obvious disregard of any kind of objectivity or fairness concerning Russia. Perhaps the most important example of this bias is the failure to remind their audience that the US and NATO have surrounded Russia – with Washington’s coup in Ukraine as the latest example – and that Moscow, for some odd reason, feels threatened by this. (Look for the map online of NATO bases and Russia, with a caption like: “Why did you place your country in the middle of our bases?”)
Blum goes on to discuss the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Our media immediately blamed Putin, despite the complete lack of evidence for that theory. Nemtsov was a bit like our Alex Jones: A blowhard who did not pose any real threat to power structure. (Mikhail Gorbachev has opined that the murder of Nemtsov was a provocation intended to destabilize Russia.)
Meanwhile, in the same time period in Ukraine, outside of the pro-Russian area in the southeast, the following was reported:

* January 29: Former Chairman of the local government of the Kharkov region, Alexey Kolesnik, hanged himself.
* February 24: Stanislav Melnik, a member of the opposition party (Partia Regionov), shot himself.
* February 25: The Mayor of Melitopol, Sergey Valter, hanged himself a few hours before his trial.
* February 26: Alexander Bordiuga, deputy director of the Melitopol police, was found dead in his garage.
* February 26: Alexander Peklushenko, former member of the Ukrainian parliament, and former mayor of Zaporizhi, was found shot to death.
* February 28: Mikhail Chechetov, former member of parliament, member of the opposition party (Partia Regionov), “fell” from the window of his 17th floor apartment in Kiev.
* March 14: The 32-year-old prosecutor in Odessa, Sergey Melnichuk, “fell” to his death from the 9th floor.
These disturbing incidents remind me of the wave of assassinations that preceded the Nazi rise to power in Germany. (The most famous victim was Walther Rathenau.)

Do you see anyone in our media blaming these Ukrainian deaths on the current government of that country -- or on our new buddies in the Azov militia? No, you do not.

Our journalists play by two rules:

1. Any charge, however baseless, against an Officially Designated Enemy is considered acceptable.

2. Any charge, however well-grounded, against an Officially Declared Friend is considered unmentionable.

American newsfolk who break those rules won't have prosperous careers.

Speaking of press-titution: Judy Miller blames Hans Blix, the UN weapons inspector, for starting the Iraq war. Seriously, that's her story: Don't blame me. Blame Hans.

What can one say about Judy? She's more shameless than a Sunset Boulevard streetwalker, and much less likable.
Joseph, many of the Ukrainian suicides appear genuine enough, the actions brought on by notice to them that the Kiev authorities (one branch of corrupt bastards) intends to criminally prosecute another branch of corrupt bastards. It appears to be turf wars.

I posted some notes on my own blog here about some of the Nazi developments in Ukraine, in particular the increasing role of the Nazi elements in the security services.

One of the most notorious Ukrainian members of parliament for the far-right Svoboda Party is Yuri Michalchyshyn, who quit the party in Oct 2014 in order to head up the propaganda section of the Ukraine Security Service, SBU.

In 2005 Michalchyshyn established a Joseph Goebbels Political Research Center but later, in attempt to deflect well-deserved criticisms, changed 'Joseph Goebbels' to 'Ernst Jünger' (a German writer widely regarded as a precursor to the Nazis). The rebranding of Svoboda has continued since its entry into parliament. It foreswore anti-Semitism and announced its support for the goal of joining Europe – a civilization that it had previously denounced as decadent. These moves enabled Svoboda to enter the new governing coalition, but they are all cover devices and their core beliefs almost certainly remain.

The head of the SBU, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, has recently come out and said that the SBU should be based on the model of Ukrainian ultra nationalist groups operating from 1930 - 1950 whose principal role was not foreign activities but domestic surveillance and the policing of civil dissent.

It seems that de-Nazification isn't working.
The Kiev government is now considering passing a law that would make it a criminal offense "to deny Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine."

And then there are the new posters being up in the city of Kharkov. They provide a toll free number, inviting citizens to report on breaches of Art. 110 of the Ukraine Penal Code, for criminal offenses attracting a penalty of 7-12 years in prison. And who are these criminals? And what heinous crimes have they committed? They are those who...

"Defile the national symbols....or wait for the arrival of the Russian world/peace.

That's it. That's the crime. Expressing a view that you would like Russia to come and save you from a mafia ruling class. 7-12 years in jail!
The war propaganda is immense.

As reported in the UK’s Daily Telegraph on March 4, the commander of US troops in Europe, General Frederick “Ben” Hodges, has accused Russia of having 12,000 troops inside eastern Ukraine.

...NATO’S Supreme Commander, US General Breedlove, has also contributed greatly to tension and fear in Europe by issuing dire warnings about Russia’s supposed maneuvers. On March 5 he indulged in fantasy by claiming, without a shred of evidence and no subsequent proof, that Russia had deployed “well over a thousand combat vehicles” along with “combat forces, some of their most sophisticated air defense, battalions of artillery” within Ukraine.

This pronouncement was similar to his downright lie of November 18, 2014, when he told the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that there were “regular Russian army units in eastern Ukraine". (LINK)

The disturbing aspect here is that these generals seem to be running their own US foreign policy. They are doing a Douglas Macarthur. It is hard to imagine that Obama has authorized such blatant falsehoods.
Joseph, this is just a link you might be interested in.

It's about de-Baathification and the disbandment of the Iraqi army. Not a bad history of the process.
April 20 is Hitler's birthday. These things must always be done with a sense of humor.

Got to love it
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