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Monday, April 27, 2015

Fighting back (Updated)

Just now, I watched the heroic youth of Baltimore -- both black and white -- force the Baltimore cops into retreat, tossing garbage and rocks.


The police are fighting back with tear gas. It's hopeless. No matter what kind of weaponry they may possess, cops cannot win if they are hated by THE PEOPLE.

You say that the cops are just doing their jobs? Killing the innocent is not their job...and if it is, then they must pay the consequences of choosing to do a job that should not be done.

This all started with that goatfuck in Ferguson. Nobody with any sense was ever going to buy into the ludicrous idea that an unarmed man could somehow pose a threat to the life of a cop in a car. The DA thought he was being very clever when he used a rigged grand jury to protect that officer. If there had been a proper trial, and a trial for the murderers of Eric Garner, then the unrest happening now probably would not be occurring.

Cops must choose: Are they going to be the guardians of the oppressed or are they going to be the shock troops for the ruling class? If they choose the latter -- well, what's happening now is nothing compared to what will come.

Update: The coverage has been hilarious. Not long ago, CNN said that the cops were there to "protect the peaceful protesters."

The presence of the police is precisely what caused the riot. If the centurions had dispersed, there would have been no uprising, and things would not have escalated.

For a long time, only the police were targeted. Now the looting has started -- which is very foolish, since the looting can be used to justify the increased police presence. Yet I suppose it was inevitable, given the hot tempers involved.

Make no mistake: This is a police riot. They caused it. Every media whore will try to convince you otherwise, but the people here know better.

Ferguson and the other outrages taught people that the justice system cannot be trusted. This is what happens when trust evaporates.

Update 2: Ah, the myth of the "outside agitator"! We've been hearing it a lot, and we'll hear it a lot more. The news liars are out in full force today.

There are no outside agitators. Trust me: A month from now, nobody will be able to name a single "outside agitator."

The truth is simple. If you kick a dog often enough, the dog will bite back.

Don't fuck with Baltimore.

I may not like Baltimore, but I respect it. The uprising did not start in St. Louis. The uprising did not happen in New York. It began in Baltimore -- the very place where the British (who had successfully taken the Capitol) saw their fortunes go into complete reversal, back in 1814. That battle took place within walking distance of where I'm sitting right now.

Don't fuck with Baltimore.

Yes, I'm sorry that the insurgents are now going after stores. Mistake. Nothing can be gained by attacking downscale stores in one's own community. It was better when the rebels confronted the cops head on.

Alas, rebellions are beyond management. The authorities should have understood that simple fact months ago, years ago.
How many riots are caused by something other than the police? I'd say not very many. Black and brown skinned people are just not safe when they garner the attention of the police. Just read about a pizza delivery driver that was shot in the head by police in Philadelphia. Apparently, he thought they were trying to rob him since they weren't in uniform. Just insane.
Thanks for this post.
This was a riot waiting to happen. How many bad shootings have we read about in the past year? How many young black men [in addition to several women] have been beaten, abused, tasered and/or shot under dubious conditions/reasons? And they're the ones we know about!

Freddy Gray's death is just the most recent offense that has hit the papers. The city officials mishandled this case from day 1 and the cops were frigging unbelievable--a takedown for being on the street while black. A severed spine was the ultimate sentence. The cops are becoming judge, jury and executioner.

Baltimore was bound to explode following this latest police action. And now it is.

It's getting closer
I will also say thanks for this post - as I made my way through my list of standard-reading blogs for the day I was surprised to see the 'BRAVO' comment you made, because of all the other articles I had also read with the standard 'nonviolence is the only way' bromides.

I know what people *say* I am supposed to think at times like these: "...Oh, destruction and violence, thats all bad, it has to be nonviolent or nothing will happen"

But, I don't think that.

Frankly, when I saw the video (I was watching a live feed from a Baltimore broadcast TV station while it all went down) ...of a mass number of high school students chucking rocks, bricks, etc. at the cops, and saw the cops retreating in disarray from the hailstorm of anger...I said to myself: GOOD JOB! FOR ONCE - Show *them* what its like to be powerless and constantly in retreat.

Give 'em a taste of what its like when _The People_ are mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.

I guess I come from the 'if you kick a man long enough, sooner or later he starts kicking back' school of thought.
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