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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Folks, I will have much to say about the news (including the previous post!) in good time. Right now, I would plead for those who are the praying sort to give a thought to my poor dog Bella. She has had two seizures this evening, and is doing very poorly. I know I must take her to the veterinarian tomorrow, but I am terrified of what he will do.

Bella is my family. She is all of my good memories, wrapped in one ball of fur.

I never had children. Many of you have, and I am in awe of your bravery. How do you do it? If my kid were very ill, I would be...well, a complete mess.
In my opinion you want whatever vitamin helps your dog's heart pump stronger. You also want blood work done to see if she is low on any vitamins or minerals. That is the least you hopefully can do and waiting is a bad thing since these two procedures combined should cost around 100 dollars or maybe less and low minerals or vitamins can lead to the dogs heart just stopping.
((Joseph)) stay strong...there is now....and you already have the past...and Bella may brave thru. I have seen it. You send word if you need help.
Sometimes it seems much worse than it really is. I have spent times second guessing and reading and letting my imagination run wild. Sometimes I was right and others, I was surprised and happy. A few years ago, I lost a cat I loved beyond belief. He was a stray I rescued and nurtured. Through a careless, selfish moment, he ran off in a less than hospitable environment and I hate to think what happened to him. The person who caused this senseless act was my husband. You have the ability to make decisions and even help to heal her. You are very fortunate in that respect.
Joe, I have children but I can tell you I've mourned and cried over every pup I've had because they do become family, often surrogate children that we care for and laugh over and love. Once we love, we're in for heartache and grief, be it flesh or fur ball.

I know what you're going through. It's hard. It's so damn hard to let go.

Best to you and Bella. And yes, I'll say a prayer, send it into the Universe.

I am so sorry Joseph. As someone above said she could very well pull through, I too have seen such recoveries.
(sends positive vibes)
Alessandro....have you heard of CoQ10 for dogs? When I sold it, I had regular customers who got it for their dogs.
Mr. C., Clive Staples Lewis, best known as C.S. Lewis - the Narnia series, did a great job in delving into the subject matter of “The Problem of Pain”.

I won’t link to any particular websites less someone think I’m promulgating a particular religious theology.

In this case it is you who is suffering as a result of the pain your beloved animal-friend is suffering.

The question then, as least for me, is why should an innocent animal-creature be subjected to pain and suffering if they have no soul and will never be resurrected? Are animals just biological computer programs existing in a fourth dimension?

And if so, why? Who benefits?

“Bella is my family. She is all of my good memories, wrapped in one ball of fur.”

I haven’t missed the depth of that remark. There is a lot more to think about. I hope Bella recovers quickly. j
PS: Joe, when you're terrified of going to the doctor or vet, that's when you really need to go. For yourself and Bella, who I know you love dearly.

It's hard and awful but learning the truth, one way or the other is the only way to go. For everyone's sake.

My prayers are zooming out there. My prayers are zooming :0). For whatever that's worth.

Keep the faith and know the Universe is compassionate, that the arc leans towards the just and righteous. But sadly, there is an end to all things--you, me and everything we love and cherish.

It's the contract for living and loving and dying. It's absolute. And it's hard, so hard.



Only the body dies, Joe. She's an old dog, and possibly in pain. Don't be afraid to let her go if it comes to that. You'll see her again. You ain't gonna live forever, you know.

And when you do let your sweet pupper go, give yourself a couple of months to grieve, and then go out and get yourself a baby dog and start all over again.

There's nothing more healing, more life affirming, than a baby critter. I'm a cat person myself, but there's no difference that I can see. Puppy or kitten, life and love go on in any case.

If money is an issue calling local vets and asking what they would charge for a blood test for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and for a Vitamin K shot or CQ10 sometimes allows them to focus on a lower cost estimate.

Of course the vets have more knowledge and may suggest a better low cost option than the one I am suggesting.
As I mentioned before, seizures are very common with old dogs and often they are given medication for them. As with what happened with my 14 year old Tony, he was almost completely blind in addition to the seizures, vomiting, and pacing around and bumping into walls, and I had to make the devastating decision to have him put down. If there are other health issues, it may be time to make that decision. It's hell, let me tell you.
I hear you. And let me say that the dog in your profile pic is INSANELY cute. Is that Tony or another...?

Frankly, having ruled out everything else, I think we're dealing with -- well, with a word beginning with C that I hate to write because it has caused my family so much pain in the past.

Do not go gentle, and all that. I am trying some unconventional stuff. But the likely outcome is what it is. The presence of pain will be the determiner.

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