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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Patriot Act deadline

I'm going to let this message from Demand Progress do the talking...

It's time to send a message that we won't allow unconstitutional mass surveillance of Americans to continue. The government has used the USA Patriot Act to claim enormous new powers to spy on all of us.

It's gone too far, but on June 1, 2015, key provisions of the USA Patriot Act are set to expire – including a provision that the NSA claims lets it collect private data about all of our phone calls. It's illegal and ineffective, and it must stop.

That's why it's time to tell Congress to put an expiration date on unconstitutional surveillance.

This spying is so offensive that the original sponsor of the Patriot Act, Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, is urging colleagues to sign a letter asserting that they will vote against reauthorization if the law is not amended to ban mass surveillance.

More signatures on the letter mean more power for us and our allies: Will you urge your lawmakers to sign it? We'll send them a copy of this note under your name.

Just add your name at right to speak out.
Go here to sign.
Perhaps the most chilling pair of words in the English language:

"full take"



Why don't most Americans get this?
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