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Monday, March 23, 2015

No blogging

I knew this day was coming but it still hurts. I buried the most important member of my family. She was a fighter to the end.

It's National Puppy Day.
Very sorry to hear that. Nothing can ease the sting, but time.

<3 I don't know how to create a broken heart icon, so just a heart. So sorry for your loss.
SO sorry to hear this Joseph. I only became a dog lover in the past couple years, thanks to the love of my life being one (I was heading that way anyway.......I had been afraid of dogs growing up, but as I got older and more friends and relatives had dogs, I became more comfortable with them). Now I can't imagine life without my dog. Bella will be missed, even by those of us who never met her, but feel like we know her well from your posts about her.
Sorry man.
Sorry for lost Joseph
So sorry, Joe. I know you loved Bella like crazy and it hurts like hell. In fact, it's the bad part about having puppies--they're always gone too soon.

Take care,

very sorry to hear that
Sorry, Joe. I thought I'd lost my old dog last night but he pulled through.
I'm so sorry, Joe. One of the great injustices of nature is that our best and most loyal friends are so short-lived.
It's a bit sappy but google "Rainbow Bridge". Every time I lose a member of my pet family, I have unfortunately, read it several times in the last 8 years and it makes me feel that I'm not alone. Many of us share this unbearable grief but are left knowing we loved and were loved unconditionally. My heart goes out to you.
Bob: I'm so glad that your dog made it. That makes things better. What happened?

Everyone, thanks is too small a word. I don't know what else to say though. The vet's assistant didn't believe me when I told her that this dog was semi-famous.

Rainbow Bridge? Will do. I've gone through the vodka.
So sorry.
So sorry.
I had to say goodbye to my sweet lady - also named Bella - this past November, so I can empathize with your pain and sorrow. Hopefully you can find some solace in the knowledge that you treated her well and she loved you unconditionally.
sorry for your loss joe.. she would want you to be happy. keep that in mind.. she brought you an incredible amount of happiness and although she is gone, she would still want you to be happy. right now you're grieving, but be kind to yourself in the meantime. - james
So sorry for your loss.
It hurts so bad, and when I lost Tony it was at least as hard as when I lost my parents. It took me eight months before I got a second dog to keep the chihuahua company.

The chi has congestive heart failure and has been on medication for over a year. I believe he has had this disease for about two years. Right now he is doing fine. I just hope I can keep him around for another couple of years at least. He is about 11 years old now.

Very sorry for your loss. Make sure to take care of yourself.
Joseph, I'm the idiot who many years ago very irresponsibly suggested that you try to treat one of Bella's ailments with garlic. You very rightly and righteously chewed me out. That was many years ago. Take comfort in your knowledge that Bella had a long and blessed life the likes of which few beings on this earth achieve.
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“Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts.” Charles Dickens
That's terrible news, Joe. I've felt that I knew Bella from all you've written about her. Bummer.
sorry for your loss. my son was just reading a poem for school from the perspective of a dog, the dog wondering if his master truly appreciated how short his dog-years life would be.
Joseph, I am very sorry.
Joseph, I am so sorry. I don't know anything much harder than loosing your best friend.
A few years ago I had this dream about dogs that has helped me through much.
Dream: I am walking down a street. I enter a house through the front door. I go through the house and exit the back door. The landscape that I see is hills and valleys, all is covered by very green grass. There is a path through the hills and valleys. I am met at the beginning of the path by all the dogs I have ever lived with, who have died. I am over joyed, just all love and happiness. But then I realize it is not time to walk the path. I tell my friends I will be back, but it's not time yet. I leave and go back through the house and exit the front door and I'm "back on the street again".
I became religious that day and no longer fear death.
I think we do meet again.
Blessings to you and Bella.
Sorry to hear that joseph,
bella must have had a good life with you.
Thank you is too small to express my gratitude. I still can't write much. If you don't drink often, polishing off a bottle of vodka can be a weird experience. I should either never do that again or learn how to do it properly.

OTE, I know how you feel about Tony, and I am very sorry. James, same for your Bella. You'll meet them again one day in doggie Valhalla. For some reason, everyone we know uses the term "Valhalla" to describe where dogs go.

Sandro, we did go to the vet. The anticonvulsant pills helped, but were not enough.

Hildy, your dream (which may have been more than a dream) reminds me of something I once said to a reader. Heaven is where you meet all the dogs you've ever loved. And they follow you into the movie theater where the 1975 Filmex Science Fiction Film Marathon is playing. And everyone -- including the people on screen -- remarks on how well-behaved your dogs are. Even Robbie the Robot says that he would give them a thumbs up -- if he had thumbs.
Sorry for you loss, Joesph.

Bon voyage Bella! She will be remembered beyond your household Joseph. So sorry for you, take care.
I'm sorry, too.
Sincerest sympathies Joseph.
Awww no!....I've just seen this, am away from home. So, so sorry, Joseph. When you feel more able, will you please post a photo or two of Bella? (Hugs.)
Dear Joseph: I am so sorry for your loss of Bella. Even though it hurts so much, you are better off having had her to love you unconditionally, and you her, for the time you did than not at all. I just got a new puppy after having lost my last dog 12 years ago and this puppy has come in and completely changed my life for the better. Hearing about Bella just makes me cherish her more. Take care.
Sorry Joe
So sorry Joseph! I have lost a few of my furry friends over the years, and what has always helped me was recognizing their pain was too great to live with any longer-to take the focus of pain of their loss away from me and look at the pain they had living.

I had an amazing cat that really only loved me and no one else- he stayed on as long as possible- but as soon as things got to that point of no return, I could see, he was just trying to be there for me and that just wasn't fair to him. I hope that makes sense....and I hope you will find peace in letting go.

Animals are far more than our pets, they are guardians of our hearts. They watch over us and nurture us and open us up to all that is right with our hearts. kc
Ooooooh. I hope you can feel our sympathy across the miles.
Your best friend will never leave you!!

Did you ever made it to the vet? If no, I find that aspect disappointing as you had a chance to do a low cost vet session involving vitamin and mineral replenishment and you would have had an experience to share for others who might want to squeeze out extra time with their canine friend.
If you did make it to the vet, then you did all you could.
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