Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lindsey Graham proposes a military coup

Lindsay Graham has announced that, if elected president, he will use the military to force Congress at gunpoint to vote the way he wants Congress to vote. I'm not kidding. There are no two ways to interpret his explicit statement.

Republicans claim to revere the constitution, and they always wave the flag, but that stance is a total lie. Conservatives are the least patriotic people in this country. This country is supposed to be a democracy. Democracy means majority rule. The majority often wants things that right-wing ideologues do not want, a fact which the ideologues find intolerable.

We should not be surprised by Graham's treasonous statement. The 2012 Republican presidential debates featured two candidates who had spoken favorably of secession.
Graham's staff has said the Senator was merely being sarcastic/hyperbolic with this statement, that this represents his personality. But this teamed up with Tom Cotton and the gang of 46 sending a letter to Iran's mullahs indicate a lapse in comic effect for the Republicans. Cotton's people are claiming he was just attempting to be 'cheeky.' And this morning I read Rand Paul said the letter was meant to strengthen POTUS's hand in the negotiations.

Funny that. Methinks the Republicans need new writers. Or maybe just stop acting and sounding like ass hats might be recommended. They so-o-o- love the Constitution. If only they could rewrite the document to reflect their own image. How sweet it would be!

The US is a Republic, and be thankful for it. In a pure Democracy the majority could rule with an iron fist no matter what the minority said. Because you have a Republic the constitution and the bill of rights prohibits absolute power by the majority. Your founding father's detested pure democracy. Majority doesn't rule; the law does.
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