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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

YOUR war

I'd love to pay more attention to domestic politics. On the domestic front, Obama is finally starting to turn (kinda sorta) into a decent president. Sort of. Kind of.


Look here.

The Ukrainian government THAT WE BROUGHT TO POWER -- in a CIA-backed coup that toppled a democratically-elected government -- is now having trouble finding young men willing to fight on its behalf. That's right: More than one million Ukrainian males of fighting age have fled the country -- and are now hiding out in Russia.

And that's just the young males. The total number of Ukrainians who have fled THE PUPPET GOVERNMENT THAT WE INSTALLED is somewhere north of 2.5 million, out of a total population of 45 million. And that's not counting Crimea (WHOSE CITIZENS VOTED TO JOIN RUSSIA, a fact hidden from you by our lying media) or the war-torn Donetsk region.

Yes, I have cited a Russian source. But y'know what? I think that those numbers are probably accurate.

There is even evidence (again, the source is Russian) that the Ukraine military is targeting civilians in the breakaway regions.
It’s being done in order “to clean the cities.”

This is open acknowledgement that the operation, which the U.S. is financing (and Ukraine is bankrupt so it can never reimburse its donors), is actually an ethnic-cleansing campaign.

Previously, on Hromadske TV, a proponent of doing just that (ethnic cleansing) was interviewed. He said: "If we take, for example, just the Donetsk oblast, there are approximately 4 million inhabitants, at least 1.5 million of which are superfluous. … Donbass must be exploited as a resource, which it is. … The most important thing that must be done — no matter how cruel it may sound — is that there is a certain category of people that must be exterminated.”

And yet, in yesterday's Guardian -- a journal considered liberal (!!) -- we have Timothy Garton Ash calling for war against Russia. I'm not kidding.
Like Milošević, Putin is prepared to use every instrument at his disposal, with no holds barred. In his war against the west he has deployed heavy military equipment, energy-supply blackmail, cyber-attack, propaganda by sophisticated, well-funded broadcasters, covert operations and agents of influence in EU capitals – oh yes, and Russian bombers nosing up the English Channel with their transponders off, potentially endangering civilian flights.
In the long run, Putin will lose. The people who will suffer most from his folly will be the Russians, not least those in Crimea and eastern Ukraine. But the long run for skilful, ruthless dictators in large, well-armed, resource-rich and psychologically bruised nations can be quite long. Before he goes, more blood and tears will flow unquietly down the river Donets.

So the challenge is to shorten that period and stop the mayhem. To do this Ukraine needs modern defensive weapons to counter Russia’s modern offensive ones.
I can quote no more: Ash's words are toxic.

The obvious point to make is that the non-fascist, non-crazy citizens of Ukraine don't want this war that the United States has foisted upon them. If the Ukrainians truly hate Putin, then why are millions of Ukrainians seeking refuge in Russia? If they truly support the government in Kiev, wouldn't they want to stay and defend it?

And if Putin really is a "dictator" (a term our media uses with wild abandon) then why was he elected? And why do all observers agree that Putin would win in a landslide if a perfectly free election occurred tomorrow?

By the way, Obama as much as admitted that the current government in Kiev is a made-in-USA affair. His actual words: "We brokered a transition of power in Ukraine." That characterization doesn't give us the full truth, but it gets us closer to the truth -- closer than I ever expected from this administration.

No observer who has kept up with this story sense denies that the government in Kiev -- A GOVERNMENT WHICH WE INSTALLED -- is, at heart, fascist. The only point of debate is how fascist.

As it turns out, these creeps are pretty damned fascist...
CZECH President Milos Zeman has slammed the Ukrainian government and the European Union for their refusal to condemn a march in Kiev glorifying fascist war criminal Stepan Bandera.

The Social Democratic Party leader said on Sunday that the chilling slogans and a flagrant display of far-right symbols during the march on Thursday reminded him of Hitler’s Germany.

He insisted that something was wrong both with Ukraine and the EU.

“I was browsing the internet yesterday evening and discovered a video showing the demonstration on Kiev’s Maidan on January 1,” he said.

“These demonstrators carried portraits of Stepan Bandera, which reminded me of Reinhard Heydrich,” a major architect of the Holocaust and nazi administrator of much of the modern Czech Republic.

“The parade itself was organised similar to nazi torchlight parades, where participants shouted the slogan: ‘Death to the Poles, Jews and communists without mercy’,” Mr Zeman explained.

Stepan Bandera headed the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists, which collaborated with nazi Germany and was involved in ethnic cleansing of Poles, Jews and Russians.

Thursday’s marchers chanted “Glory to the nation! Death to our enemies,” “Ukraine belongs to Ukrainians” and “Bandera will return and restore order.”

Some participants wore the uniforms of the Bandera insurgent army while others paraded with red and black nationalist flags.

Leader Oleh Tyanhybok of the fascist party Svoboda (Freedom), which organised the march with the like-minded Right Sector, said before the march began: “The current government came to power using Bandera’s slogans, so it has to follow his ideas.”

But Jewish rights group the Simon Wiesenthal Centre Jerusalem bureau director Dr Efraim Zuroff said: “Holocaust perpetrators are the last people on Earth who deserve to be glorified, regardless of their nationalist credentials.

“The march has more to do with the systematic Holocaust distortion prevalent in post-communist eastern Europe, which has a very fundamental anti-semitic component, than outright anti-semitism.

“The march is a good example of three separate phenomena — hiding or minimising the role of local nazi collaborators in Holocaust crimes, promoting the canard of equivalency between nazi and communist crimes and glorification of anti-communist freedom fighters who were local nazi collaborators who participated in Shoah [Holocaust] crimes.”
Those are the people WE BROUGHT TO POWER. We are responsible.

And now you are responsible for doing everything you can to get America to stop playing filthy games in that part of the world.

Guess what? This shit is costing you plenty. This isn't a post about a faraway conflict in a country you don't really understand. This post is about your wallet and what's in it.

To prove the point, watch the video embedded above. The video takes a couple of minutes to settle into its argument, but when it does, you'll be boggled. (I know nothing about the person or group responsible for this production.)
Video is only 5 and 1/2 minutes long, always good to mention that in our fast paced world. I don't have time right now to view it but I will.
That number of one million Ukrainian men of draft age living in Russia is quite reasonable. Before last year's coup there were about 4.5 million Ukrainians living in Russia -- of course any Ukrainian that moved to Russia in the last 20 years was granted automatic citizenship since, after all, they really are Russian.
Obama's interview is sickening. Seriously, how does he keep a straight face?

In a way, he answers your question on the guy (Putin) that keeps missing his off-ramps. Obama says he uses state sponsored media coupled with a grab bag of mechanisms to quell US engineered dissent, and galvanizes nationalist anti-west sentiment to produce high poll numbers.

Obama sounds Orwellian here.
Joseph, you make me remember why I called myself a liberal at one time.

No one left in Congress to make the anti-killing points. The ones that were there have moved on to greener pastures and those pastures dont include defending innocent people from death.
Ethnic cleansing in the breakaway republics of eastern Ukraine has been under way for quite some time, courtesy of the US government. See some of the youtube videos available of the towns and villages deliberately destroyed by heavy artillery, mortars, and rockets at vinyardsaker.blogspot . Sickening.

I got so po'd I forgot to make my own point: now congress is considering sending more weapons and ammunition to the Kiev junta forces so they can kill still more people in their homes in eastern Ukraine. This is our government?
In two years it will be Hillary's War.
What a classic piece of low-grade MI6 newspaper psy-ops that article by Timothy Garton Ash is! Is he trying to outdo Michael Ledeen? The English channel, eh? And let's not say the US is trying to surround Russia with its military hardware. Oh no, mustn't say that! Let's not mention the Nazis crossing the Rhine either. St Anthony's College, Oxford, has long been owned by MI6.

Ash's website contains the following quote by fellow propagandist John Simpson on its front page: "Timothy Garton Ash is the best and most perceptive political writer of our time"

Slurrrrrrrrrp! What a plonker! Say anything for kickbacks from the weapons companies...

I'm actually surprised this winter hasn't seen famine in Ukraine yet. Unless it has. What kind of conditions are those refugees from eastern Ukraine living in in Russia?
Speaking of war in Ukraine, what is it with the women there? I think I'm in love.
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