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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bill O-LIE-ly

Bill O'Reilly's co-worker Eric Engberg has described what really happened to O'Reilly during the Falklands war. Engberg is completely convincing, and he certainly has no motivation for lying. It's clear that O'Reilly has been caught out. (Also see here.)

What I want to discuss here is another Bill O'Reilly lie -- a lie which is far more important, a lie which our media seems strangely reluctant to discuss.

In his book about the assassination of JFK, O'Reilly discusses the death of George de Mohrenshchildt, Lee Harvey Oswald's strange friend who also happened to know George H.W. Bush. De Mohrenschildt's links to the CIA were investigated by none other than a young Bill O'Reilly. The enigmatic George De Mohrenschildt committed suicide in Florida on March 29, 1977, just before he was scheduled to talk to an investigator for the House Select Committee on Assassination.

There has long been a controversy as to whether this suicide was genuine. O'Reilly, in his book, attempts to resolve that question with the claim that he personally heard the shotgun blast. We are supposed to believe that de Mohrenschildt pulled the trigger at the exact moment O'Reilly knocked on the door.

That claim simply is not true.

O'Reilly was in Dallas on that date. That evening, he called Gaeton Fonzi, the HSCA investigator referenced above (who later wrote The Last Investigation, one of the very best books about the JFK assassination). During that conversation, O'Reilly said that he heard a rumor that de Mohrenschildt had committed suicide, and wanted to know if this report was true.

O'Reilly told Fonzi that he had been trying to check the report by telephone from his studio in Texas. O'Reilly then said that he planned to fly out to Florida the next day.

Fonzi recorded the call. The recordings have been placed on the internet.

I just don't see any way that O'Reilly can talk his way out of this one. The man is a liar.

Question: Why won't Mother Jones or any other media outlet discuss the de Mohrenschildt fabrication?

(Many thanks to Joe Williams for the head's up!)
The fact that the corporate media is making a big deal out of Brian Williams' almost compulsive dishonesty is itself the height of hypocrisy.

The media no longer serves the public interest, just as government no longer serves the public interest. Both institutions have been wholly co-opted by shadowy moneyed interests with a laser-like focus on self-gratification and the consolidation of power, with both ends being met to the detriment of freedom and democracy.

By establishing an information gathering and dissemination apparatus which is dependent upon the largess of corporate interests subtly camouflaged under the auspices of advertising, the fascist state has successfully built the Ministry of Truth Orwell so presciently described. Seriously, what purpose would companies like Boeing and Lockheed Martin have in promoting their brands in a retail format? Do they think viewers are going to purchase a new F-18 or are they simply justifying their investment in a controlled media?

Rather than accept the official line that Williams was simply the victim of his own hubris, we should consider the possibility that he was the victim of an orchestrated attack, and perhaps the same is true of O'Reilly. Dan Rather was sacrificed in order to change the focus from George Bush's unpunished AWOL during Vietnam to the liberal media's use of fraud to attack our patriotic dear leader. Maybe Rather was the victim, maybe he was a willing participant. It's much easier to pull something like this off when the fall guy doesn't push back very hard.

Both of these heretofore respected media personalities have now been shown to have been lying with impunity for decades, and yet with all of the media watchdog organizations dutifully documenting the myriad atrocities committed by the ostensibly opposing right- or left-sympathetic media counterparts, none has dug up these accusations in the past?

We'll likely never know what Brian Williams or Bill O'Reilly did to warrant the unceremonious end to their respective careers, but given the nearly non-stop parade of lies, dis- and mis-information, and outright propaganda perpetuated by the entirety of the media spectrum since the fascist fifth column accelerated its attack on Western democracy, if anything we should assume that those who are crowing the loudest about it doth protest too much. If you work in the corporate media then you are well aware that you have no control over the words that come out of your mouth.

You're a newsreader and your job is to catapult the propaganda that provides political cover and synthesized public support for the already-determined agenda of the deep state, and nothing more. Step out of line or question your orders and you quickly find yourself out of a job, and only then if you're lucky.
Speaking of orchestrated attacks, the Daily Mail sinks to a new low:

Wonder who leaked that to them?
Mother Jones won't talk about the deMorhrenschildt lie because FDavid Corn wants to deflect attention from his own flip-flop on the JFK conspiracy. And for 51 years, the secret motto at the New York Times is, "Avoid all the news that doesn't fit what we're told to print."
Well, now Media Matters has jumped on the story; so there's a feather in our collective cap, Joseph. Now if we could just get publicatoin like Media Matters to call Oswald "the accused assassin" instead of "the assassin." Alas,small steps.

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