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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Syrian Girl, meet the new girl in town

The video embedded above is mandatory viewing.

In her latest offering, Maram Susli (a.k.a. Syrian Girl, a.k.a. the bravest political commentator in today's world) offers her take on the Charlie Hebdo attack and the links to ISIS and the Syrian civil war. Her points are extremely well-taken, and her closing remarks are right on the money: The French cannot blame terrorism on Muslims when the French government has supported Muslim terrorists in the Middle East.

And now for something completely different (which turns out to be something remarkably similar)...

I'd like to introduce you to another young lady -- someone I learned about while flipping through videos about painting. Lena Danya is an oil painter, a watercolorist, a composer, a pianist, a ballet dancer, and a film-maker. She maintains a popular YouTube channel in which she demonstrates how she accomplishes her work. And...

(Yow. How to say this? Well, there's no choice but to blurt it out...)

...and she's almost supernaturally gorgeous. I'm sorry, but you can't pretend not to notice, any more than you could visit Niagara Falls and pretend not to notice all the water. 

Nevertheless, most of her followers and fans are female, and even the males treat her with respect. (Yes, they are respectful in YouTube comments, which is practically unheard of.) I think that women and girls admire her because -- like Maram Susli -- Lena Danya is a feminist who insists on being taken seriously for her work. When someone suggested that she consider modelling, she replied: "I’d rather be working on my art and be my own boss instead of someone’s barbie doll."

A vegetarian who opposes materialism (though she probably wouldn't mind if you invested in her work), she works very hard and takes craftsmanship seriously. In just a few short years of painting in oils, her progress has been remarkable, even though she has received no formal training.

Beyond all that, she comes across in her videos as the world's most charming person. The effect is both hypnotic and unnerving: No real human being could possibly be this nice. Maybe it's all a masquerade. Maybe if we follow her career long enough, we'll discover her dark secret. Maybe she uses her local Girl Scout troop as a cover for smuggling C4 and krokodil and plutonium...

Or maybe she really is that nice, and we all have less reason for cynicism in this rotting, debauched and unhappy world. Nobody ever said that the Kwisatz Haderach couldn't be female...

So why do I mention her in a political blog? As it happens, Danya is a political animal, although she does not usually advertise that aspect of her personality in her YouTube videos. (For good reason: Political talk has a way of making enemies, and a young artist needs patrons, not opponents.) Born in Russia, Danya spent her first years in Ukraine, and can still speak both languages. In one video, she even demonstrates how to make Ukrainian varenyky (which are basically perogies, although you probably should not say that to a Ukrainian).

On Twitter and Tumbler, she expresses her views about what's going on in her homeland. It should come as no surprise that she opposes the mindless demonization of Putin which has commandeered so much of our mainstream media, and she despises the neo-Nazis in Kiev who were put into power by American covert operators. Her political views might come as a surprise to her YouTube followers, some of whom may not even know what the word "Novorossiya" means.

Here's a sampler of her tweets (although a few of these are retweets):
"Dr. King was intensely critical of the capitalist state, global war, & separating economic rights from civil rights."
Since Nuland overthrew Ukraine Gov 4,700 people have been killed and 10,000 have been injured. Beware of US provocateurs bearing cookies.
Where there's war, there's illegal organ harvesting. Many sources claim this is happening currently in Ukraine
Evidence shows that bus in Volnovakha was blown by Ukrainian mines. @poroshenko lies again.
Donetsk republic says Kiev used chemical weapons in attack on airport #Ukraine
We've got a bunch of psychotic men in suits ready to blow up the world, lovely
How strange is it, the only way left to rebel is to be a legitimately good person
Strange, I've never heard of "terrorists" donating energy resources to the people they're "terrorizing" before
I won't be surprised if my twitter gets deleted for being a little too loud about a little too much truth. I've seen it happen to people posting about Ukraine
None of the new unelected government idiots even bothered to actually TALK to the people of east ukraine, they just went straight to bombs
Psychopath @poroshenko can fly to France to make himself look good but refuses to communicate with citizens of his own country
New York Times article from 2010, explains the issues of naming Bandera the hero of Ukraine.
The New York Times, for whatever reason, decided to stop including all these important facts in their recent articles #propaganda
They show the Ukrainian army shoveling snow for mothers with babies... and blame all the residential bombing on "terrorists" ridiculous
My views are based around love and compassion. I have no respect for people who lack the ability for both of those things
I'm probably gonna get my ass deported for my political opinions
The US lecturing Russia on military intervention in #Ukraine is like the Hunchback of Notre Dame telling somebody to sit up straight.
Great job USA, truly helping countries achieve the "future they deserve" through murder and destruction
I am Ukrainian. And I will never except a nazi-ally mass murdering fascist as the "hero" of my country. Cry me a river patriots.
(Yes, I know: She meant to say "accept.")
Yulia Tymoshenko, Victoria Nuland, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton - an embarrassment to women. Why are these psychos in power?
I think that Lena Danya and Maram Susli should get together for a joint project. Actually, they need a third girl: A Palestinian.

Together, the three should form an organization called ALONSOBA: Astonishing Ladies of Nations Screwed Over By America.
Got the Dune reference. (Had to look it up, though!)

Talking of Yulia Tymoshenko (oligarch with braids), did you know about her Star Wars (film) connection?
Joe - are you sure Lena's the only one suffering from "tired arm syndrome"?
Do not speak of her that way, b.

Seriously, we should encourage respect for these women. They can do a job that we cannot. No matter how well you and I write, nobody under the age of thirty wants to listen to us. Like it or not, they can get a radical message out to an audience that we can't reach.

So as they say in Jamaica: Re-SPECT!
For your Palestinian participant, I nominate Farah Baker, the "Anne Frank of Gaza." If she's unavailable, let's go with Malala of Afghanistan. Or let them both be added to the group of brave and awesome young women.
Seek help, what a moron
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