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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Obama did it again!

Again -- AGAIN -- this rotten President is trying to do non-rotten stuff. In fact, his latest tax proposal is pretty damned great.
Obama's State of the Union, you see, will call for $320 billion of new taxes on rentiers, their heirs, and the big banks to pay for $175 billion of tax credits that will reward work. In other words, it's fighting a two-front war against a Piketty-style oligarchy where today's hedge funders become tomorrow's trust funders. First, it's trying to slow the seemingly endless accumulation of wealth among the top 1, and really the top 0.1, no actually the top 0.001, percent by raising capital gains taxes on them while they're living and raising them on their heirs when they're dead. And second, it's trying to help the middle help itself by subsidizing work, child care, and education.
This proposal has one big problem: Congress is in the hands of Republicans, who will allow no such thing. But the proposal is still worthwhile, for the following reasons:

1. For years, we've all been screaming at Obama that he has to stand for something. This is it. This is precisely what Democrats everywhere should stand for.

2. Every presidential election year, the most popular thing a candidate can say is: "I think we should raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans and lower taxes on the middle class." Obama now has put the Republicans in a position where they have to say -- explicitly -- "No, let's not take that course of action."

In the NYT, Neil Irwin says much the same thing.
The White House will surely be accused of class warfare, of pitting the interests of the affluent directly against the working class. But if other Democrats (particularly the party’s nominee for president in 2016) seize on this basic framework, of higher taxes on capital in exchange for lower taxes on labor, it will help offer a clear vision of what the Democratic Party stands for after the Obama years.
Look, I know that some of you come here for red meat O-hatred, and you really don't want to hear anything else. I sympathize. I really do. But honesty dictates giving Obama credit when due. Criticism of Obama lacks all impact if it devolves into mindless automatic gainsaying.

Mr. Obama, now you must turn to foreign policy. Allow me to write your next speech:
My fellow Americans, we are very sorry for lying our asses off about Assad being responsible for that sarin attack in 2013. Turns out it was the rebels. We've been so intent on getting rid of Assad that we supported ISIS and Nusra and a bunch of other creeps. No more. As of right now, we are going to give all possible help to Bashar Assad so he can crush these Islamic fundamentalists once and for all.

Also, we apologize for fomenting a coup in Ukraine, thereby bringing a bunch of neo-Nazis to power. We are joining forces with Vladimir Putin to bring some semblance of reason and justice back to that part of the world.

Finally, Israel. You know what? Fuck Israel. I'm giving Netanyahu three months to arrange real peace talks with the Palestinians. My preferred solution would be a one-state, "one man, one vote" arrangement. But if the Palestinians prefer a two-state solution, that's their decision. They have been shat on for so long, it should be their turn to call the shots. And if the Israelis don't like it, they can tell it to the fuckin' Marines, baby.
Kudos baby! I concur 100%, especially with the foreign policy statement. from your keyboard to O'Bama's ears.
The reason that I keep coming back to your blog is that you are not stubborn or unreasonable about the positions you take. And, modifying one's views when given presented with new information is just smart. So, stop worrying about coming across as a flip flopper.
My single-payer advocate friends tell me that as long as Schwarzenegger was Governator of California, the Democratic legislators were enthusiastic advocates of single-payer. But when Jerry Brown became Governor, suddenly support for single-payer dried up.

It's easy to advocate for something you know isn't going to happen.

I am the one true Anonymous. Accept no subsitooties.

I agree with anon2:18 where was he when he had the house and Senate. The answer is that all the democratic agendas are not his, now he sure it's not going to pass why not throw the idiots who voted for him some
Of course he does this when it has no chance of getting through congress. No, I don't care how good it SOUNDS, it's not going to happen with this congress and Obama knows this. If he was serious, if he had a real spine or was a real President that cared about "the little people" he would have made sure this happened in 2008 when he had a congress that would have been more likely to make it happen. Of course, even then, most of the Dems would have shown their true colors if they had actually had to vote on a proposal like this. Call my cynical, but his sudden discovery of Democratic principles and proposals is disingenuous. He's only doing it precisely because he knows it can't happen now. He doesn't care, because he's on his way out. He just wants to be able to say, "see? I tried!", but he didn't try when it actually mattered and would have possibly made a difference.
Too late Mr. Prez - it took you far too long!

I reckon he's doing his John the Baptist bit: smoothing the way for.....

Well.. I think even now many people Blame Barack for the actions of the Republicans and are willfully ignorant about the inherent difficulties facing a President when the Oppo Party's goal is to hamstring functioning government.

But, in reference to the Tax Proposal, Republicans are merely lying and claim PBO is raising taxes on the Working ("Middle") Class.
Adding insult to injury. Chiseled into the time of stone.

He's got your fix.

Well perfect timing on 0 part as always. The new repugs will want give it to him but he will settle for what ever plan they have like aca. It's just going to be more switch and bait from here on in by potus and his puppet masters.

It will only get worse with 2016
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