Friday, January 30, 2015

Did you know that his name is an anagram for "My, I'm rotten"?

Am I the only one who feels that Mighty Mitt's "not gonna do it" statement is really, really weird? First, he says that he feels that he would win the nomination. Then he says that "I would have the best chance" of defeating the eventual Democratic nominee. Then he says that someone else may have a better chance.

In other words, two plus two equals the square root of 137. It don't add up!

Mitt's greatest rival is, of course, Jeb Bush. It has been said that Romney privately speaks of Bush in contemptuous and even condescending terms. Nevertheless, Mitt and Jeb appeal to the same sort of Republican, and the same set of donors. Thus, it seems fair to presume that something Bush-y lies in back of this turn of events.

I'm not sorry to see Mitt bug out. Of all the liars who have stormed across America's national stage during my adulthood, Mitt Romney may be the most flagrant. Ronnie, Poppy, Dubya and Barack Obama were/are all hideously deceptive, but none of them match Romney.

On a related note: While reading up on this, I noticed this comment on Business Insider...
Snowden mentioned the CIA, FBI and NSA are against Bush because he wants to shutdown wagging the dog on the American people. (Boston bombing, CSPA, the new proposed CFAA regulations)
Whoever wrote those words has probably been visiting some rather "iffy" websites. Or maybe this commenter is doing some rather subtle work on behalf of the Republican cause. Just for the record, do any of my readers know of any occasion when Ed Snowden said anything about the CIA turning against Bush -- for any reason?
I am not sure if Romney is the biggest lier of them all, but he is the least believable of them all.
Not to mention the fact that he has no charm or charisma.
Someone should have told him that a couple of cycles ago.
I think he finally understood why he should not run.
Lets just be grateful for that. I could not take him for another 2 years campaigning.
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