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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jon Stewart must be nearing orgasm

As you know, Lindsey Graham recently announced that he is kinda sorta seeking the Republican presidential nomination. This announcement was a gift to comedians everywhere.

Today, we were given two such gifts. 

Sarah Palin is "seriously interested." One would think that she might have been deterred by the release of Game Change, a marvelous film derived from the revelations of Republican insiders, a film which pictures her as having the IQ of a jar of mayonnaise. You'd think that she would seek no further public humiliation. But no. Palin still has presidential ambitions, and she is intent on pursuing them.

The Divine Mrs. P made this announcement while serving boar chili at a homeless shelter, while insisting that she has "service" in her heart. Remember Paul Ryan in 2012? He too had service in his heart, as long as the cameras were on.

On the same day -- the same day -- Donald Trump decided to make presidential noises, saying that he is "strongly inclined" to hop in the race. He also says that he would have beaten Obama in 2012:
"I was leading in every poll. ... I regret that I didn't stay in," he said in an interview...
This is shaping up to be a wonderful election. I know that many of my readers pretend to disdain horserace politics. But this ain't no horserace: It's "crash to pass" with clown cars.

Or may be it's a remake of Wacky Races, with Mike Huckabee as Blubber Bear, Jeb Bush as the leader of the Ant Hill mob, Donald Trump as Big Gruesome... and either Sarah Palin or Lindsey Graham as Penelope Pitstop.

If you were a Democratic strategist, which of the above candidacies would you secretly fund?
To quote Ms. Palin's answer to Glenn Beck's question, "Who among America's founding fathers do you admire most?" "All of 'em."

(No Santorum or Gingrich? Is Sheldon Adelson broke now?)
Huckabee is the most dangerous.
Scott Walker, Governor of my state of Wisconsin, is almost certain to run, given his proximity to the Iowa primaries. He is a complete sociopath, more Nixonian than Nixon, but manages to give the appearance of a moderate. He claims that God wants him to run for President and has the backing of the Koch brothers, after having laid waste to our state at their behest. As an added bonus, his buddy Reince Priebus is the Republican national chairman.

I would fund Huckabee so that he and Walker can argue about who God really wants in the White House. Bobby Jindal would make it a three-way Jesus channeling competition.
God save us all!
I saw Game Change more than once because it became my husband's favorite movie and he would watch it any time it was on cable.
I saw the book at a used book store a while back and bought it. It is no surprise that the book is a lot better than the movie.
As for candidates, it is too early on both sides, but I think we are in for some laughs.
Lord help us, Gareth.
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