Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Freedom of speech: More hypocrisy

A few posts down, we talked about the hypocrisy of those Americans who claim to support freedom of speech in France while ignoring those who have been silenced because they criticized America and Israel. Now we have another example. Raif Badawi, a liberal blogger in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to a stiff fine and 1000 lashes.

To be fair, this outrage has given rise to many protests, including a rather pro-forma plea for mercy from the Obama administration. But the American government will continue to support Saudi Arabia unthinkingly. After all, the Saudis have gone along with our long-term strategy of waging economic war against Russia...
Joseph, a short whule ago you discussed the art of magic and diverting attention. It's clear that freedom of speech is just a red herring. So what are we not seeing? Perhaps these questions will help:

Is 2015 the new "1938"?
Is Ukraine the the new "Poland"?
Are Muslim immigrants the new "Jews"?
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