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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Another reason to say "Thank you, Mr. President"! Plus: Hillary

Obama is really pissing me off. I don't like the guy. For years I've been telling my readers not to like the guy. Yet lately, he has made a few laudable moves, like this one -- and now I'm forced to add some nuanced exceptions to my otherwise nice-n-simple message of "I don't like this guy and you shouldn't like him either."
For years, GOP lawmakers have adamantly opposed any rules requiring Internet service providers to treat all Web traffic equally, calling them unnecessary and an example of Washington overreach.

But now that the FCC is moving toward issuing a tough net neutrality order that would subject broadband to utility-style regulation — an approach endorsed by President Barack Obama — top Republicans in both chambers are making plans to legislate their own rules to ensure the agency doesn’t go too far.

“Times have changed,” Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.), the chairman of the House telecom subcommittee, said when asked about the evolving GOP position on net neutrality. “The administration has latched onto this [utility-style regulation], and the FCC’s independence is nominal at best.”
After all these years, the President has finally learned how to do it. Screw bipartisanship. The GOP is going to call any president with a D next to his name a socialist, right? So Obama has decided to endorse a course of action that really is (kinda, sorta) socialistic. Suddenly, the Republicans -- the party of no compromise -- are willing to compromise.

That's how to do it!

Elsewhere: Hillary. Slate writer Jamelle Bouie says that she is still Ms. Inevitable. In fact, she's inevitabler than ever. Why? Because everyone who is anyone in Dem-land is already working on her campaign, even though she has not yet announced that she will, in fact, seek the nomination.
By the polls, Clinton is absolutely dominant. In the most recent Huffpost Pollster average of the Democratic primary field, Clinton takes 62 percent of the vote. Her closest competitor, Elizabeth Warren, earns just 12.3 percent of the vote. The sitting vice president, Joe Biden, receives even less, at 9.6 percent. President Obama aside, there’s no one in the Democratic Party as popular as Clinton.

At the same time, polls aren’t durable.
To say the least. Those polls are best characterized by the words "A mile wide and an inch deep."

Many feel as I feel -- that her performance as SOS was horrifyingly, unacceptably neo-connish. We want no more wars. We also want no economic wars against Russia, because in the long run, we cannot win a conflict with the BRICS alliance. The next century is theirs, and the best we can hope for is the relatively painless transfer of economic power. Hillary will, I fear, continue the "liberal hawk" policy of confrontation. We need something different.

Aside from all that, there is the simple fact that she simply seems tired. An hour after she shares a debate platform with Jim Webb and (maybe) Elizabeth Warren, will Hillary continue to have so many Dem insiders working for her...?
The president's end-run around corporate opposition to net neutrality might get FCC to approve Title II making the internet a public utility... BUT Congress has a bill to block FCC authority to make changes allowing internet broadband under Title II. Call your Congress critters.
Joe, you should watch a documentary on Youtube called JFK to 911 - Everything is a Rich Man's Trick
Let's try not to be so Anonymous, shall we? I haven't watched that video, but I caught a whiff of the discussion engendered by it here...

The Protocols. The "holohoax." And even a post about Dubya-as-the-debbil's-spawn.

YOW! Count me out.
I hadn't actually watched that documentary when I made that initial post, however after now having seen it I just wanted to say that whatever you might have read about it in your initial due diligence reflects neither the content nor the tone of the work.

It provides a detailed analysis of the history of power in this country, replete with discussion of the Eastern establishment, the robber barons, the mafia, the banks, and the quasi- and actual military apparatuses therein, which collectively comprise the deep state.
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