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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The cops

I despise rap. In fact, I despise pretty much all pop music. Above, you will find the only rap music video that will ever appear on this blog. And if you think that the case is overstated...

I'm not a rap lover--most of it sounds like noise to me, hurt-your-ears noise. But this one could be categorized as the 'art of protest.' It's what art has done in the past but infrequently does today--push against the status quo, provide a dose of bitter reality, make the viewer, the reader, the listener . . . wake up, consider, think. It's a prick to the media, propaganda bubble so easily accepted--we're the World's Democracy, American Exceptionalism, a Free Press, equality under the Law, knee-jerk patriotism, The Good American syndrome.

Then you watch the video, listen to the words. Wake-up time!

Btw, rerun this vid with the Garner case in mind. The Grand Jury decision just came down. No indictment, no responsibility leveled against the cops, no true bill. Not even 'obstruction of breathing.' This is after the coroner deemed the case a homicide and with film available on the struggle.

Should make everyone rethink the idea of 'body-cams' being the solution. This is a systemic failure, gone wild and ugly.

And justice dies again.


Peggy Sue, sadly true body cameras won't help. They have footage of cops instantly gunning down both Kajieme Powell and John Crawford.

The free press is not reporting on footage of the military mercenaries setting the fires that burned in St Louis. Footage they should've been capturing to begin with.
25 years ago: Public Enemy. Every song a power and truth anthem. This is why white pedophile record execs steered the entire genre into all bitch ho and nigga lyrics.

You can't go wrong with any of their songs, but here:
There is a cornucopia of red pill, blue pill rap available in the underground. If one seeks, one shall find the spoon benders.

The beginning of this morsel has another you may like as well as some deeper analysis on the subject with added contribution from Kristian Williams, author of 'Our enemies in blue -Police and power in America'.


At least one supposed instance of the police setting fires in Ferguson has been pretty thoroughly debunked.
This is the best pop video I've ever seen!!
I'm not generally fond of any music without guitars in it, but I don't mind a bit of protest rap. Paris' Bush Killa, that London lad Lowkey. Good name, that one. Condemned by Glenn Beck. Quite a recommendation.
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