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Friday, December 12, 2014

It needs a name

Slate: Tea Party Democrats -- Does President Obama have a rebellion brewing in his ranks? The piece is mostly about Elizabeth Warren opposition to CRomnibus. (As mentioned in an earlier post; scroll down.)

Salon: Elizabeth Warren goes to war: Why the Democratic Party could seriously change — for real, this time. This piece says that Warren has given "the anti-neoliberal wing within the party, which has been growing in strength since the 2008 financial collapse, a direction and a voice."

Yeah, but it doesn't have a name. "Tea Party Dems" won't do. A movement can't be a movement unless and until it has a name. In the past, I've suggested "New Deal"...
Dr. Jill Stein ran on a "Green New Deal" platform in 2012. How about "Go Green in 2016"?
" anti-neoliberal wing within the party"

Maybe party definitions should begin with what they 'aren't', but I'm still skeptical.

See Craig Murray and Russel Brand being marginalized.

Anon (and by the way, YOU could use a name yourself!) what I like about "green" are the possibilities for clever rhymes. But green says "environmentalism" and I want a name that says "economic justice." Also, "green" is redolent of all things euro, and we need something 100 percent Amurrkin. Like "tea party." But not THAT.
Anybody who knows anything already knows what "New Deal Democrat" stands for. The opposition can't redefine it. And it shows that the current Democratic Party leadership has lost its way. We're now six years into the Greatest Depression. Why not use the name of the anti Bankster movement that steered us out of the previous generational financial calamity? The framing is already in place, Art Deco in fact. It's foolish not to use it. Maybe the little Monopoly Board Man will help out and run again for the Republicans.
New Deal Democrats
Has the "Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party" brand been totally debased?
It has a name, Joe. FDR Democrats and/or New Deal 2,0 Democrats.

How about ReDeal Democrats?
What if we just throw it right in their faces and call it the Union wing of the Democratic Party or even just the Union Party?
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